My brakes are grinding and pulsating?

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  1. For you guys/girls that are in the automotive field im sure you have run into this before.
    I am a service writer @ an independent repair facility.
    Service writer next to me writes up this truck beacause the customer said the brakes were making a grinding noise and pulsating.
    OK easy enough.
    We pull the truck in the back pulled the wheels to inspect brakes and found this.
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    And this was the driver side.
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    and off topic this is what I did this past Sunday.
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    :jaw: enjoy.
    We have actually seen rotors like this in the past on other cars.
  2. wtf. did one side break off at one point? the other side still has a little meat at least
  3. Holy f'n **** OMG How the ******* **** did they manage to do that ***********************************************************************************************************&^%%^&^&$E###@

  4. hahaha, when my buddy was in a financial rut he had rotors that looked like that on his mustang, except his was on the inside. He didnt realize they were THAT bad. Although they were awesome for the gases to escape from the pads.
  5. It amazes me that someone will drive untill it gets to this point? :shrug:
    You know it's not save to drive like that and now the calipers are probably ruined.
  6. we get those at ford alot LOL wheres that at? looks like stono ferry
  7. Our shop.
  8. so you played golf in your shop? LOL i guess i never saw that house there before?
  9. :lol: :lol: :rlaugh:
    AW sorry dude . No thats @ Legend Oaks. :D
  10. Oh man, I LOVE the nonchalant complaints from customers who have no clue how horrible something is. Like the people who come in complaining about a slight vibration in the front end asking for an alignment, only to find out the ball joints are all shot, and every bushing is completely rotten away. They expect a $90 alignment and they get handed an $1100 repair estimate.

    It amazes me how some people simply NEVER actually look at their cars.

    My favorite are the ones who have their car towed in because of a "no start", the engine is seized, the cams have half an inch of sludge built up, and the oil comes out of the pan in two stages...and they swear they change their oil every 3000 miles. The especially funny ones are the ones who are denied warranty on a seized engine with 20k on the clock, and the original gray, factory, Ford filter still on the car.

  11. How is it possible to be that stupid in all of these situations. These people should not be allowed the responsiblitly of a car. Actually they shouldn't be allowed to reproduce.
  12. I'm also a service advisor....

    We had a car come in for a no start one time. It only needed a battery but when we changed the oil it seemed really thick. I took a magnet and could literally move the slow drain of the oil around with it. Needless to say that car needed an engine, too.:nonono:
  13. You would be surprised how horribly some people treat their cars. I see roughly one seized motor with a factory filter on it a year. The last one was an Escape, the one before that was a Navigator.

    The funniest excuse I ever heard was when I was working at a L/M store and an older guy (60s) brought his Lincoln LS in with a tapping noise at almost 30k. It had the factory filter on it and was FULL of sludge. When he was told that it was not warranty and was given a $4k estimate, he actually said.....I quote:

    "I was told it didn't need regular oil changes, the salesman told me it was a 'maintenance free' for 100,000 miles."

    That is a true story. I could sit here all day long about how stupid some people are.
  14. Oh boy.

    Sadly, that is not the first time i've seen a brake rotor look like that.
  15. Don't ya know that's them new fangled slotted rotors!!!
  16. that rotor got it's face ripped off. poor thing.
  17. holy ****, it took me a minute to see that lol!!!!!!!!!!1
  18. I did that to my winter beater one time :(

    Not QUITE that bad. It had the rotor worn down to paper thin all around it on the inside and there was a hole right through it in one spot.
  19. thats totally normal, those are the next best thing from drilled and slotted rotors:D
  20. I never worked at a shop, but I did work at CarQuest for a couple of years and I picked up at least 10 sets of rotors on a daily basis for at least 2 years... I know only 2 years but it was thru college. But still

    I have never, ever seen a rotor that bad.

    Clutches? Brake pad warranties? Stupidity? Yes. Rotors? Never :lol: