My brakes are grinding and pulsating?

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  1. I used to sell auto parts, a guy brought a rotor in like that looked like that. He bought it from us a few months earlier and wanted it warrantied. He said that happen in a matter of minutes. Right.
  2. Yea we have seen this on more than 1 occasion. It is sad.
    We deal with a lot of high $$$ customers.
    Best one here was a JR in a private highschool here close to our shop that drove a Hummer H1. (no joke JR in HIGHSCHOOL) Well anyway he attempted to drive thru a small lake with it and drowned the engine. Locked tighter that a turtles ass, so his parents taught him a lesson on that and bought him a new one with a huge snorkle coming out from the hood.
  3. Let me guess. The owner of the truck probably complained when you told him he needed new rotors. "New rotors??? .......Why can't you just resurface the old ones????" :rolleyes:
  4. :SNSign: been there before huh.
    I went back to the truck later in the day and saw we put new calipers, hoses, pads, and of course ROTORS! on it.:nice:
  5. :lol:

    "Are you sure they're out of spec???" :mad:
  6. At my buddies shop, I saw a truck that was brought in with the brake pads installed backwards. Not sure how he did it, but almost screwed up a set of rotors. I think they were able to save one.
  7. i know who that is, and i dont like that kid.. his names eddie or something right?
  8. A certain place put Accord brake pads on my wife's Civic one time... That was funny looking back because it looked like the car was on fire. Engulfed in smoke
  9. Now we are not be saying names here!!!!:nono:
  10. alright.. his code name is, "Douchebag" :D
  11. ahh you can just turn those down and they will be as good as new. :D
  12. All the salesman cares about is the commision and getting the car off the lot. lololol stupid people crack me up.
  13. I've never seen any that bad, but I've seen some that were very thin and when you had to hammer em to get em off, they cracked.
  14. The one's that get me are the one's with tire situations. They will come in with flat tire in the trunk and a hole big enough to put your fingers in, in the sidewall. Then swear they never hit a thing. Then you point out the big ding in the wheel, and explain that tires usually blow out due to an impact of somesort, or from damage, like a large nail. They automatically think your going to warranty the tire and give them a brand new one. Then the next comment is well the tire is only a few months old and such and such tire brand should make a better tire. Come to find out that the tire is 2 years old. Most people dont realize that there is a code date on the side of every tire made. Does not nec mean they bought it 2 years ago though. Shop could of just sold an old tire. Anyway we see this quite a bit. I have been in this business for many years and I know tires just dont blow out, I have seen very few defected tires. I know there was the Firestone issue, but that one it still leaning both ways with Ford and Firestone.
    Anyway good morning all have a great weekend.
  15. I worked at Ford dealer up until last week. My favorite was when they want a 2nd opinion from the infamous "my mechanic" because they dont agree with the price. Like they dont trust what your telling them. Wanna know why they come to the dealer? because they think they are gonna get something for free. Cant you just do this? Cant you jus do that? I read on this internet this. My friend said that. My mazda never did that? I do all my work here. You look at their history and they did 3 oil changes. Ive seen rotors like that sadly at least 4 times and on 2 of the cases it was on both sides. Both people said it jus happened out of nowhere. Another really annoying thing is when you have that guy that thinks hes a technician trying to walk in the shop and tell you how to do your job. Or they have these letters with technical procedures they wrote that arent real automotive terms. Sometimes they walk to the shop door and watch with their nose pressed against the glass.
    I have plenty more stories about stuff like this. I jus love all the stuff customers pull and the technicians are always labeled the *******s. People really dont take care of their cars.
  16. 310 i agree with you on that one, though when i get my exhaust done at the exhaust shop, i watch. Simply because it interests me, and its the one thing i don't know how to do with a welder and bender. I get plenty of those folks to, its always fun, especially at the junkyard.. but i just tell em to go back up front while i get the part lol
  17. I've seen it happen many many times. People are STUPID when it comes to brakes. When you hear a grinding sound for OVER A MONTH GET IT FIXED. At that point, the piston probably popped out of the caliper and that's the point. Fix it before it costs you $1000.
  18. I had a taurus and the caliper froze and did that to my rotor except i drove it till the rotor fell apart..
  19. You non car repairing car guy lol
  20. I love the ones who get pissed off because they got a hold in the sidewall and we refuse to fix it cause as soon as the sidewall flexes the patch is going to come off. Or when they **** about not being able to plug a tire when a big ass rock punctured it and you have to patch it (which costs more.)