My buddy paid a near-Cobra price for a Mach 1

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  1. Mach 1's suck

    Who would want to a 03 mach 1 when you could have an 03 cobra for around the same price... I mean come on the 03 cobras... no contest
    my friend just got a mach 1 and he could of had an 03... and he rags his mach out so much hes raced 3 cobras already in my town and lost to all 3 my cobra was on of them =).. I guess its just me but I dont like the new mach 1's there is no difference in looks really than the new gt's.. dont get my wrong the new mach 1's are fast but not for the price, and the wheels are ugly..
  2. Your friend got screwed. In Tampa, they're selling Mach 1s for $22,300.00 and '03 Cobra Coupes for $28,500.00
  3. lol wow im going to tell him that he is going to cry... he paid almost 30 for his 03 mach
  4. Oh man, that's a crime! Make sure the gun isn't loaded first. :D You're right though.....he could have bought a '03 cobra for the price he paid for his Mach 1.
  5. Yeah I have no idea why he didnt buy an 03 if he was going to spend 30 g's on a stang he should of went with the snake... I mean machs 1 are alright, but thats alot of money... and he is only 19 and he would of been the only 19 year old with an 03 cobra around... Im looking at a cobra r right now.... its pretty sweet he only wants 17 for it and its an 00.... his wife is makeing him get rid of it, he is a weather man... lol.. you can tell he doesnt know much because he was like its got a v8...and when I bought it, it didnt come with a radio or air... I was like man this guy needs to get out more... it was his sons actuallys and he moved off to college or some bs...
  6. I paid 29K for my 10th anniv
  7. 03 COBRAS here in NEW YORK CITY/TRI STATE are going for just under $32,000.

    Mach 1's are going for $28,700.

    TOO expensive.

    I am trying to sell my 97 COBRA to buy a 04 COBRA at the least.

    Want one REALLY BAD!

  8. Mach 1's are awesome cars, but for the same money, I'd go '03 Cobra, no question.
  9. just fyi but there was no 00 cobra - unless you are in australia?
  10. oops my bad -ur talking cobra r!!!!!!!!! sry disregard - lol
  11. looking at a cobra r right now.... its pretty sweet he only wants 17 for it and its an 00....

    hell - ill buy that and i cant afford it lol
  12. Remember though, Cobra R's aren't good as every day drivers on the street.
  13. If its an 00 Cobra & i didn't come with Air or a Radio its a Cobra R!
  14. were did you find a 00 Cobra R for 17,000??

    if your not intrested I really am

    who cares about radio and air-conditiong when your riding in one of the baddest mustangs ever created. (oh yeah my mustang right now has no radio or air-conditioning so I know how it feels),
  15. Did it occur to you that maybe some people just don't want a Cobra. I could of had one, but I CHOSE the Mach 1 over the Cobra. The snake did absolutely nothing for me. Sure it's fast, but after awhile fast is relative, fast as compared to what? I love the looks of the Mach 1, it's heritage, and it's just plain fun to drive! I've come in contact with several people who have actually gotten rid of 03 Cobras to buy Mach 1's. One is HotRodHarry up in North Jersey, he admits that the Cobra just didn't do it for him. I've raced several 03 Cobras with my Mach 1, and while I know they're gonna get by me on the top end, I can kick ass for awhile on the low end and it's fun!
  16. Hey man I didnt mean to offend you or your car... I guess cobra and mach 1 owners this is WAR.... just kiddin.. Id rather drive a mach 1 any day.. than to drive any rice.... but Im still in love with the 03 cobras... and they truely are the Best of the Best in my opinion...but if the new mach 1 was super charged ohhhh man
  17. I would buy the COBRA over the MACH is for the POTENTIAL that it has. Also the LOOKS. The mach LOOKS like a GT with a shaking hood scoop and a flat black wing and the piece of black plastic under the bumper.

    No offense, but FORD should have AT LEAST did something different with the bumpers other than the little piece of plastic under it.

    Then MAYBE I would have been driving one by now.

    But to me personally, its more of a COLLECTORS car than a drivers car.

    I would probably make it my garage queen.
  18. Keep in mind, in other parts of the country, things can be radically different. In S. Calif, Cobra's are still going for 36,000+.
  19. i agree the wheels are ugly...unless you are a collector or something that is the only reason to own one imo. or if you don't care for speed :rolleyes:

    i say buy the cobra put mach wheels on it :D
  20. I'd pass on the Mach 1. As far as people getting rid of their 03 cobra's for a Mach 1? This is simply poor judgement. I would assume HotRodHarry got rid of his 03 cobra for family reasons or had an offer he couldn't resist for his 03 Cobra. His Cobra was fast. Highly modded nitrous and all. Harry's car up against a Mach 1 would be a rediculous match up. That 03 Cobra would be done with the mile before the Mach 1 finished the 1/4. Sorry, I am just not a Mach 1 fan at all. Shaker hood? Who cares. No contest against the 03 Cobra.