My buddy paid a near-Cobra price for a Mach 1

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  1. Go Away TROLL :nonono:
  2. I had the choice of both, the 10th anny Cobra was about 4k more than the Mach. I picked the Mach, because I think it looks better, and has a much more prestigious heritage. I know you can get a Cobra into the 11s for like a grand, but what's the point. I'm not putting a cage into my daily driver. If I were building a strictly drag car, then I would've gone Cobra.
  3. I really like the Mach 1, but I'd disagree about the more prestigious heritage. I think just about the only Ford name to carry more cachet than Cobra would be GT40.

    I'm going to edit the title of this thread, people seem to be reacting to it purty strongly.
  5. I personally like the way the Mach 1 looks, low 13s bone stock off the showroom floor is pretty impressive also. The wheels are not my favorite but I would just replace them with my FR500s. At the price they are right now I would trade my 96 Cobra in on one in a second. But to say if I could swing the extra $7k I would no doubt buy the 03 Cobra. Not because of the look of the cobra, I really don't find the car that agressive looking and I think ford went the wrong way with the hood and front nose clip. But plain and simple for the powertrain, a blown built 4.6 with a t56 that is backed by a 3 year ford warranty that is what attracts me to that car.
  6. The Ford Cobra has more heritage? Shelby A/C Cobras? Definately, but not the Ford. The first Ford Cobra was in '76. With a maximum of 139hp. The first Mach was available in '69 with the 428 Super Cobra Jet with shaker, putting out over 335hp.

    Not flaming you here, just can't understand how you got to that statement. Although I do agree that the GT40 has the most prestige of any Ford.
  7. My buddy at the local Ford dealer called me up when the rebates came out, he thought I would be interested in the 10th Anniversary Coupe they had. Well, I took it out for a nice long ride. I've driven them before at Bondurant... they're cool and have awesome power/handling. But for some reason, I didn't feel all that warm and fuzzy inside. Then I saw the machs in the parking lot. I melted when I saw an Oxford White one and it was all over, I bought it. Sure the '03 Cobra can beat the pants off of a mach1. That really doesn't mean that much to me. The heritage and the styling does... and the shaker! Sure, you can nit pick the new mach1, but you got to realize, we now live with a Ford where the beancounters have alot of control. The real muscle car days are over, deal with it. I'm very happy with the new mach. I don't mean to get off onto a rant, but that's my $.02.
  8. YOU ARE TRULY A A*S HOLE. I got my SLOW MACH1 over a cobra for many reasons. Money was not one of them. I guess you dont have much money are you would be happy for your friend not jealous.Maybe if i or other MACH 1 owners wanted the fast stang for 35g we would buy a 5.0 and put 35g into that. Its not about money.I love all stangs so i wont talk ***** about the 03 cobra.
    My slow MACH1 with 4.10s O/R X pipe K/N. Ran a 12.93 1/4 mi I guess thats to slow for you.Thats why you have a 96 and yes im talking ***** about just your stang and the di*k weed driver have you ever ran at the track? I bet you never made it into the 12s because you talk to much ***** to know how to drive. I
    O ya old wise one tell all that paid 29g for a MACH1 what is faster for 29g? Nothing. NO NO NO YOU MOUTH IS FASTER.
  9. The first Ford Cobra was the 1969 Fairlane Cobra, with the same 428 CJ as the Mach 1.



    I would point out that the 428/429 was the only engine available in the Fairlane & Torino Cobras, (428 Fairlane for 1969, 429 Torino for 1970-71) while you could get a 2-bbl 351 in a Mach 1 if you desired.

    The Shelby Cobra will forever be linked with Ford. (Something about the powerplants, I think.) ;) To not include the original Cobra because it didn't say "Ford" on the body is silly.

    You could narrow the debate down to Mustangs only, & I would concede that the Mach 1 got there first, but that's it. The Cobra from the last ten years has been a much more important Mustang, & the Cobra nameplate has been much more important for Ford.

    Having said all this, let me clarify; I'd rather own a 2003 Mach 1 than my 1997 Cobra, but I'd rather own a 2003 Cobra over either of them. :shrug:

    *edit: Mustang Bill, take a deep breath, count to ten, & relax. It'll be OK.
  10. fiveofanatic,
    That '69 Fairlane Cobra... OOOOOO. I've always had a soft spot for them. Funny how tastes change... back then, the vinyl top was a cool accessory. Now, I think it would look so much better without it. Thanks for the flashback!
  11. Those are nice cars, no doubt about that :nice: I was refering strictly to Mustangs, since this thread is about '03 Cobra vs Mach. That being said, the Shelby Cobra is not considered as a Cobra in this debate because it is not a Ford product, and definately not a Mustang. Sure it used the 289 and 429 engines and other Ford parts, but it was not a Ford design, or even idea. Therefore, the '03 Cobra cannot consider the Shelby/AC Cobra as part of it's heritage. Therefore, the first Mustang with the name cobra is the '76. Since the Mustang II's weren't designed with performance in mind, the terminators trace their heritage back to the '93 Cobra and R. Now, with after saying all that, I would love to own a terminator, minus all the noise pollution and exhibition of speed tickets I'd get.

  12. We're definitely on different trains of thought; I'm talking about any Ford-related automobile.

    What you said was "The first Ford Cobra was in '76." That is incorrect, the first Ford Cobra was the 1969 Fairlane Cobra.

  13. Much better title.......I guess :shrug: ........ :D
  14. I am a MUSTANG LOVER but a FORD HATER.

    Simple.. the Mustang, Lightning and the Lincoln LS is they only DECENT vehicles.

    Mind you Lincoln is FORD.

  15. Dude, I've read hotrod harrys posts and it had nothing to do with the Cobra not 'doing anything for him', it's because he had modded the hell out of his Cobra and it was too fast he couldn't even run it at strips anymore without getting a rollcage, and he didn't want a car that heavily modded.
  16. First off, my name's not "Dude". Second, I am by no means trying to speak for Harry. If he should want to come explain his reasons for doing what he did fine, if not, so be it, that's his business. Third, if you expect me to believe that a guy like Harry buys a $34k car, spends another small fortune modding it, just to reach the point of it "being too fast", then sells it to buy another car, you need your head examined! :rolleyes:

    The interesting thing about making mods to a car is that they can always be "undone", so if you "really like" the car and you think maybe you "made it too fast", you can always undo some of the things that make it go fast to slow it down. But, that's only if you "really like" the car and want to keep it around, you don't just go and sell it after less than a year of ownership and about 4600 miles, then go buy a completely new car. So eventhough it's just speculation on my part, I don't think he "really liked" the car all that much.
  17. can we get back to the cobra r for 17grand. holy crap! side note: most people buy a mustang for power and looks therefore i see very little reason to pick the mach 1 over a cobra. cobra=more power and no flat black plastic.
  18. So using that logic, nobody would buy V6 or GT Mustangs :rolleyes: Where do you people come up with this stuff?
  19. Just curious...why would you say that?
    It doesn't have A/C or a stereo. Ok, fine. (I rarely use either in my car.) The Cobra R is completely streetable. :shrug: