My buddy paid a near-Cobra price for a Mach 1

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  1. tro3mach1, if you check the original post this guy bought a mach 1 for the price of a cobra. a lot of people including myself believe he made the wrong decision. yes it is his money and if he enjoys the mach then fine, but why would you pass up the extra power. when comparing the two vehicles I would find it hard for you to come up with more advantages of owning the mach. have fun and enjoy your car but why pay that much for a mach. thats it. this discussion does not have anything to do with gt's or v6's. this post was comparing how much car you can get for the same amount of money.
  2. btw, when i was talking about mustangs i meant mach 1 and cobra not all mustangs. also, what do you yell out the window when a cobra blows by you: "heritage baby" or "look at my hood it shakes". i just don't understand that if the price was the same (and in this case it was) why would you pick the mach 1. i know it's useless to argue this point so i will stop now. i can't afford either one so i am going to shut up. everyone have a great day.
  3. The biggest problem is that you, and alot of other people, have this misconception that Cobras, as you put it, "blow by me". Well, they don't, plain and simple. I hang out with a rather diverse group of Mustang enthusiasts pretty much every weekend, and in that group we have some GT's, an LX, a couple of Mach 1's, a Roush Stage 3, a Saleen, an 03 Cobra vert, and an 03 Cobra coupe. We always horse around late at night and race each other just for kicks, and I have yet to have any of the Cobra's "blow by me". I can hang with them right through 3rd gear at WOT and I usually get a jump on them from a dead stop because the solid axle on the Mach 1 gets the car out of the hole alot sooner than that wheel hoppin' IRS on the Cobra. Before all these end of year rebates and stuff, I could have had a Cobra for about 6K more than my Mach 1, but I didn't want it. If I had it to do all over again, I would do exactly the same thing because I like the Mach 1 more than the Cobra, and I can live just fine with a little less horsepower.
  4. good enough for me. i'm done.
  5. If you're ever down my way in your Mach (very nice car btw :nice:) and want your doors blown off by a wheel-hoppin' 03 Cobra, just let me know. :)
  6. I looked at the Mach 1s and although they are very nice and fast too the Cobra looks much better (IMO) and of course is faster. Thats why I bought one even when the Mach was much cheaper.

  7. I might have to make a trip to the Alamo City.
  8. I guess I'll throw in my 2 cents. The Cobra is an awesome machine. I've checked out a couple anniversary cars, coupe and vert. I dont care for convertibles personally. I also wasnt too fond of that interior scheme. The outside is nice. I love the hood, reminds me of the deluxe 67-68 hoods. Front clip looks cool. And stock for stock yea it has a bad engine under the hood. I still didnt pay that much attention to it. I moved on to the 3 Mach 1s the dealer had. I've wanted one since news first came out of their production. Sadly though being just now 18 and still in Highschool I can't afford one. I'd do about anything to get one of these beasts. Speedwise...with gears these cars are capable of 12s. How is that something to talk trash over? So what if for a few more thousand I can get a Cobra. For less I can get the classic retro styling that I am more fond of personally, whether be the black chin and decklid spoiler or the wicked shaker hood. I also happen to like the new wheels on the car. The interior is badass in these cars and for the money saved you can supercharge the Mach and go out handing Cobras their ass all day long. I'd love to have a nice Mystichrome '04 Cobra but I'd rather be looking at the ass end of the Cobra in a nice Azure Blue Mach 1.
  9. SALEEN S-281 S/C you could get an 02 for about the same as a 03 Cobra... Saleen has my heart...
  10. But that Saleen is SLOW. My buddy has that car with many bolt ons. And he cant stand that I can beat him.
  11. Yep they are!

    I flew from Jersey to Tampa 3 weeks ago and picked up my Mach-1 for $22,800 - that was when the rebate was $2,500 - now it's $3,000, hence the lower price. But..... I got my choice of any color except DSG - but I wanted azure blue, and that's what I drove home :banana: :banana:

    Thanks, Brandon Ford!!!

  12. Here's my .02 cents.

    Like many others, I too could have sprung for the '03 Cobra over my Mach. My reasons for choosing the Mach were things like the Shaker hood, retro interior (which looks much more inviting than the '03 interior, IMO), flat black stripes, front chin spoiler and black rear spoiler, the wheels, the 3.55 solid axle, and the dohc 4.6, and the sheer heritage behind the name 'Mach 1'. The '69 and '70 Mach 1's (especially the 428CJ cars) were fire breathing monsters when they came out. Sure there was another bigger, badder Mustang to be had - the Boss 429 - but the selling points of the Mach back then apply to the new Mach also. Also a big reason for picking the Mach over the Cobra for me was the fact that one of my biggest dreams was to go back in time and buy a brand new muscle car in 1969, but because I was born in '84 I kinda missed my chance. I bought a muscle car when I was 15 - a 70 Challenger - and restored it, but it just is not the same. With the '03 Mach I saw my chance to live a dream, went for it, and couldn't be happier. It's my brand new musclecar :banana: . I'm not worried about a '03 Cobra tearing me a new a-hole in my Mach either because in my mind my Mach still looks better, is more rare, and has that heritage that the Cobra just has not earned yet. I think the Mach is more of a crowd pleaser, too. I don't understand why people would buy a '03 Cobra to be a drag car either unless they just have money to burn. Sure they're fast in the 1/4, but with the extra weight, creature comforts, IRS, warranty, and $30k+ price tag, one would be way ahead of the game buying a 5.0 Fox body and investing in it.

    Sorry for the long post. Ultimately I don't even know why people must criticize someone else's opinion on a car. Especially those 'looking down' on Mach 1, GT, and V6 owners for not buying the Cobra.....they're all Mustangs. All great cars.
  13. 19yr old behind a MACH 1.

    Good CHIT.
  14. I'm jealous to a sickening point. I'm hopin for an '06 Cobra though, wooo!
  15. iF FORD, AND ONLY IF, they give the COBRA a MANLY look, THEN I would be in the market for one.

    For now, its too feminine
  16. Try taking him in the turns... They really are not that quick but damn there is nothing that looks better or handles better off the factory floor!
  17. Man maybe the new cobras but the 94-98 cobras look manly... but the 03 cobra can look a little feminine but it's still supercharged.. so it makes up for it!
  18. mach 1 I have seen new 25k 03 cobras are 33 at least.
  19. hell i'd rather have a lightning!
    guess just matters where u live
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