My buddy paid a near-Cobra price for a Mach 1

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by cobra96muscle, Sep 16, 2003.

  1. Feminine and deadly at the same time...just the way I like it. :nice:

  2. You can get fined for parking that POS on the Bluebonnets. J/K :nice:
  3. These posts are freaking sad. When the Mach 1 guys talk about adding a blower and handing a 03-04 cobra it's ass then that is really sad. Let me know when you actually purchase your blower and spend the money to get it installed. Hope your internals last.
  4. I like both cars. If the Mach looked like the one that CDC put together I would probably take that over the Cobra. But you can't put 2K into a Mach and have 500 horse either.
  5. This is a really old thread, let it die.
  6. I read the whole thread just now & the only interesting thing I saw is that someone said something about a 2000 Cobra R for sale at 17k & I'm pretty sure that is BS like the rest of this thread.

    People usually buy what they want, IMO. :shrug: and I want the R for 17 thou.