35th Anniv My car #3581 is up at ebaymotors!

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by cobra10494, Jun 27, 2006.

  1. Hello all.Check out my silver limited vert on ebaymotors.If anyone knows someone who is looking to buy a real mint,sweet L.E. VERT turn them on to my silver vert.This car is wasting away in my garage.With two kids and my own business I DONT DRIVE HER ANYMORE.Someone is getting a babied,beautiful machine.I'm sure all of you feel the same about your L.E.'s:lol: Be well.
  2. Sorry all.Punch up item #250001414813 .
  3. Good luck with the auction, but I doubt anyone will bid on it over 10 or 11K though, and I'd say your cars worth at least 15k easy. Ebays just not the place to sell these babies. I bid on a brand new 35th on ebay about a month ago and the bidding didnt go over 15K and I was the highest bidder, the reserve wasn't met though.
  4. I copied and pasted the number and it came up as an ink jet cartridge!
  5. nice car, Hope you get what your asking.