My car got broke into.

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  1. My car got broke into and they F***ed up the drivers door lock and damaged the area around the lock:uzi:
    How hard is it to replace the locks?
    Has anyone ever shaved there door handles and locks.

    My son got some googles from James Bubba Stewart and Chad Reed at the Seattle Supercross. The stupid F***ers broke in and took the two pairs of googles and some change from the glovebox. They left my $600 camera and my briefcase with $400 cash and checkbook.

    Me and a bubby caught a guy breaking into his car 10 years ago and when we called the cops we told them he was trying to get away and we had to restain him. They said that's fine as long as he can talk when they get there.
    When I called the Seattle cops they just said "To Bad":bang:

    I wish I would have caught them. My kid was pissed.
  2. that blows the big one.

    after my stang was taken, i had the body shop shave the door locks. i still have handles, but no door lock.
  3. dude....that sucks...sorry to hear that mang, it should be man law that all cars are off limits under penalty of castration
  4. +1 on the castration of all automotive theifs.

    Dude that really sucks sorry to hear it I hope ya get everyting back fixed soon.
  5. Sorry to hear that man .... at least they didn't go for the $$ or camera.

    Hey donkey punch ..... did I miss something? What's up with your sig.?