my car in progress

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  1. my what big mountins you have :)
  2. No offence but,my name's not "Chico" and I don't like it.
  3. :scratch: :OT: :shrug:
  4. I love the suicide doors :nice: That is way cool!
  5. Veeeeeerrrrrry cool Riley, you definitely get my :nice: Keep it up, gotta help represent the cool 4 bangers out there. ;)
  6. Yes i agree, the suicide doors are very very cool, what did you have to do to make them?
  7. meth dood meth
  8. That's pretty cool man!!!

    Good work Dave!!!

  9. Yeah I like the car too.. it's an overall nice package, everything from the details to the stereo.. it's unique and that merits two thumbs up in my book.
  10. Ok sure it looks alright but wouldn't that money be better spent making it fast, until you see your car sitting with its doors/hood/trunk open it just looks like a crappy 4 banger stock mustang that probably only goes as fast as your tiny 2.3L will let you. I think you should have made it fast then made it look cool. So instead of a alright looking car kicking those import ass you are going to have a nice looking car getting your ass kicked by everyone.
  11. Okay but what is your reason for this? Unless he is planning on taking his car to the track, it's useless to spend all that money on making it "fast". Besides it's not like you are allowed to race on the streets anyways. Why anybody would need a 450hp car to drive on 50km/hr streets is beyond me.

    I was going to do my car up, but instead I spent the money on other things. My friend was going 80km +, lost control around a curv and hit a house. I saw one crazy accident last night that I hope I'm never in, and last summer I saw a punk kid run over an old mans foot (the old man was walking across the street at a pedestrian cross walk) going 90km down albert. Speed kills dude.

    I know it is just my opinion, but from my frame of reference I think making your car "fast" just makes you want to race more which will in the end only bring you more trouble than a young guy really needs. Not to say that you guys aren't irresponsible with your "fast" cars, but a lot of people are. Like I said, if you wanna do up your car make sure you take it to the track and not endanger other peoples lives racing it on city streets.
  12. LOL truly the words of a man with a slow car ;) j/k. It's not about racing down Albert street. Geez guy it's about enjoying your car. I have a pretty nasty set up but do you catch me tearing up the street scene.... no. Why did I make my car go fast? Because I hate slow cars they drive me INSANE. I can't stand it when I hit the loud pedal and am not hurdled into oblivion. The big crap eating grin I get every time I mash the gas is well worth any expense. And the look of fear I get from from would be racers when they hear the nasty ass 351 rubbling away beside them. I don't need to race. I have won before it even starts :D. To some that is more important. This year now that I am fairly happy with the go; I am gonna work on the show. Because a car that looks like ass is well.... not so good either. But having an all powerful car is definetly where it's at as far as I am concerned. That's kinda what seperates the mustang forums from the honda forums ;).

    For the record I have a $25 license and have had one for 6 years now ;). And no I have NEVER owned a stock performing vehicle of any kind :D.
  13. not my cup of tea, but each to there own!
  14. This is what I should have said in the first place. I like the body mods and stuff but the lowrider theme is not something I like. But it's your car not mine so I will respect the time and effort put into it.
  15. Going fast isn't THAT fun. ;) Considering my driving record up until now (I won't disclose how many points I have lol) with my slow car.....I'd probably kill myself if it went fast. :eek: So I am perfectly satisfied with a nice looking car that can barely get out of it's own way. :D

    Plus, a 2.3 can go plenty just takes a lot longer to get it there. :p
  16. I agree not my cup of tea, but I can definatley appreciate the custom work put into it! Way more time, and inginuity than a Mustang with Cobra R's and a nitrous kit. For that you get.... :nice: :nice:
  17. I get a kick out of how people respond to Riley's car. It is not you usual Mustang build, after all. But it is a unique Mustang and a unique low rider. After all, chicano '63 Impalas have been done to death. And like t5 bird said, tame street 5.0's are not pushing the envelope either...

    And I understand Riley is planning a motor swap next winter, after body work, electronics, upholstry and interior fiberglass is done (that's a lot!!). Maybe a Turbo Coupe 2.3, or a 302 swap. He's favoring the 2.3 right now, as it is again a far more rare sight. He says he's not hoping for 500 hp (like the rest of us) but wants only to not be left in the dust by Chad Welta's '32 on cruises...
  18. Your putting alot of money into that car. I hope you'll show it off and enjoy it! It's pretty unique and crazy!!! Oh! and a pat on the back for all the long extensive man hours Dave's putting into your car!! :banana: Its gonna turn out pretty sweet!
  19. definately different.
    None of the modifications make much sense to me except the hydraulics. Having the hood and trunk open sideways and the doors backwards actually hurts access. It'd make more sense to have the hood flip forward like a Saab or BMW if you just wanted it to be different . The TV's in the trunks baffle me... seen that on ricers a lot. Is that so the kidnapping victim in there can see the news?