my car in the first stage of "going bare metal"

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  1. The job was done by the paint shop (bare metal) in reply to all the nasty comments I have received
    I didn't ask them to do it, as they know I couldn't care less how long it takes to respray the car.
    The stripping down back to bare metal was done a certain way, to show me what was underneath the paint,
    and also to show you all that it would have been taken back to bare metal at one point.
    LOTS and LOTS of old filler, I was surprised to see the amount used

    The car WAS in an accident, we can now see where it was repaired. We know it's a very old job.

    However, the car is very sound. No nasty surprises, nothing rotten

    What you will see in the pictures is the amount of filler that was applied to the body.
    This is just what I would call "bare metal stage 1" You can clearly see the new filler and the old one in comparison.

    Yes, no glass or trim was removed, but it's "stage 1"

    We know for sure that the car was taken back to almost bare metal last time it was resprayed.
    We did spot the original paint work.

    Pictures to follow soon.

    The rear passenger side panel has been replaced previously, we can see where it was cut and welded.
    The driver side was pulled out, there's a hole in the hood (small pen size). The front of the hood and filled with filler....

    <embed src="" FlashVars="video=2da23b99-2d7a-4c36-8a8c-99e100c08803" quality="high" bgcolor="#ffffff" width="428" height="352" name="ePlayer" align="middle" allowScriptAccess="sameDomain" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" pluginspage=""></embed>

    THE REAR PASSENGER SIDE PANEL: the two big white, yellow(ish) patch
    The rest, it's the old filler
  2. Looks like they are doing a good job, bet it will look really good when they finish it. :nice:
  3. Don't take it to heart, some of the guys on this site lip off before they know the whole story.
    What matters is that the shop you chose does a GOOD job and the car ends up looking as good or better than your expectations!
  4. It's early stages really guys.
    As they work on my car between other work (told them to work slowly on mine), they will remove all the trims and glass and doors.... etc.. to finish the bare metal job. After that well it's respray time.
  5. yep, some guys lip off before they know the whole story...
  6. I know what you mean, I've been under attack recently. It's not fun :(
  7. It's being done right!


    I'm a new on this site. I'm restoring a 1973 convertiable and I have striped
    the car down and had the body Soda blasted. If I can i'll attach some pict's.
    Going bare metal is the only way to do it right!! Have faith.
  8. Not sure why the critical feedback for you but I am having to take my to bare metal as well. The previous "repairs" were done so poorly and so much filler applied that there is no other choice for me. I am having to resin the entire care except for the hood and roof. I am debating doing the paint prep myself since I have so much invested in this car already.