My Car Must Have A Bigger Engine Than A 4.6l

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  1. So my grandpa bought a 98 mustang GT in California off the show room floor in 98. He was told that it was a California addition and that it has dual cams. Well he gave the car to me for my 16th birthday two months ago and the car has more power than a regular 98 GT has. And every thing Is still the same from when he bought it. So what other motors where put in a 98 mustang?
  2. Is it a Cobra?
  3. No it's a GT. I looked the vin number up on it and it said it was GT
  4. Pictures would help. The valve covers are very much larger on the DOHC than SOHC.
  5. Your Grandpa is mistaken. The motor pictured is a SOHC that's in every GT.

    There are different "trim" levels available. But that doesn't change the motor.

    The Cobra has the DOHC.
  6. We'll I've had two ford certified mechanics tell me that it has dual cams. And it holds 6 quarts of oil a regual gt holds like 5 is what they said. I just wanted more input on it. Also pictures aren't as good as seeing it in person.
  7. It has dual cams because it's a single over-head cam over each head.
  8. How bad do you really want to know the truth? Will it affect your enjoyment of the gift?

    Just wondering. Since the motor hasn't been swapped out since leaving the factory, what's the 8th digit of the VIN number? "X" perhaps?

    OBTW, the 1996 SOHC in the GT holds 6 quarts. Changed the oil many times in the 1996 GT I once owned.

    Consider google some engine bay pictures for the Cobra so that you can see for yourself the differences in the valve covers for the DOHC.
  9. Never.....EVER bring your car to that dealership for repair if those are the kinds of answers you're getting. I've worked with a few "Ford Certified Technicians" in the past and some don't know their ass, from their elbow. Especially the younger ones that come out of trade school drunk on the smell of their own :poo:. Most of them never actually worked on these cars while they were in still in production, because they weren't even old enough to drive on at the time!

    There's nothing special about your car I'm afraid. Same power and drive train as all the rest. It probably "feels" fast to you because it's your first Mustang....or perhaps it was built with a rear gear upgrade that was an option to all of them. It's a placebo effect man. It'll continue to feel fast until you get walked on by a '99-up Mustang...then it won't feel fast anymore.
  10. Technicains beet a camaro, charger, and dodge ram in it. All those vehicles had v8's the two dodges where 2013's. And I've rode in different mustangs new and old and this one is different. So don't give me the it just feels fast because it's the only one I've been in. And wmburns the 1996 mustang had a 5.0 engine in it. And the two technicians That had it looked at it have been working on cars since the 70's
  11. wrong again. 1995 was the last year of the pushrod 5.0 in the Mustang
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  12. Jesus dude. '96 mustangs had a 4.6 sohc just like your car. Your car is bone stock with nothing done to it, it's quite obvious by the picture you posted. What kind of tech's are taking a customer car out and racing people?
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  13. Also this doesn't matter but the motor and the trans have 300 thousand miles
  14. your grandpa mustve really liked driving her
  15. Guys 95 was not the last year. Don't believe wiki an stuff like that. 96 had a 5.0 and I have a book on that.
  16. aye yay yaye
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  17. *facepalm*
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  18. 95 was definitely the last year of the 5.0. Someone please find me a 96 car from the factory with a 5.0 in it.
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  19. And the technicians weren't racing it. I was. I beat the charger 3 times in a row and the camaro by half a car and the ram by two car lengths