My Car Must Have A Bigger Engine Than A 4.6l

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  1. Well....nobody were said a charger was fast.
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  2. theyre fast considering they are a 4000 lb pig
  3. Ok....I'm gonna be blunt here since you're already starting to sport a bit of an attitude. You're 16 and you know :poo:! You need to read, listen and lean before shooting off your mouth like a typical teenager.

    If that car beat any Camaro newer than '93 or any modern Charger, they were V6 models. Beating a Dodge's a Pick-up, what's the surprise there? Your '98 GT is a high-14-second car at best. It makes a paltry 225hp...which was up a measly 10hp from the 2-years prior.

    The '96 Mustang GT was not a 5.0L. The 5.0L OHV ended production in the Mustang in 1995. The '96-'98 Mustang GT got them same 4.6L SOHC that was found in every other full size V8 powered Sedan at the time. They didn't get a performance jump again until 1999 when the heads were swapped out to the PI castings found on the 5.4L truck engines.

    I know all of this is going in one ear and out the other, so please....feel free to argue. It'll get you far.
  4. dont make me break my foot off in your a$s
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  5. The charger had a hemi and so did the ram. And my mustang will beat almost anything that is stock. And yeah I run my mouth cus I know I'm right. So you can stick it where the sun don't shine
  6. is that Canada?
  7. Lol who comes on a forum asking for insight, then tells everyone their wrong? So many face palms.
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  8. I smell troll.
  9. 16 year olds know all, not the people who have had multiple mustangs.
  10. I was wondering the same thing....
  11. Motherfu.....:fuss:

    Warming up my Ban Hammer as we speak

    ...althoug, to be fair. He hadn't mentioned initially that it had over 300,000-miles on it at this point. The engine is finally beginning to loosen up now, so he may be onto something here fellas.

  12. He sounds just like my 16 year old. Ask's me a question, and then proceeds to tell me how many different ways my answer is wrong. I hate teenagers....
  13. I was nodding along in agreement when I read that yesterday. Today's teen seems to want to take it to the next level though. Most of 'em could use a good backhand.
  14. It has two cams, not DUAL cams.

    According to who?

    The Cobra is a DUAL cam. It has two cams on each head. That's why it's called DUAL Overhead Cam. Your 98 GT is a SINGLE Overhead Cam.

    Yep... That's the same motor that comes in all the GTs from that year. :shrug:

    Well there's already been half a dozen folks in this thread tell you different. You appear incapable of understanding what it is they're trying to tell you. So I have to wonder two things:

    Are the people you talked to Ford Certified Mechanics or are you just saying that they are?
    What exactly did they say to you and which parts are the parts you wanted to hear vs. what was actually said?

    You've indicated already by your posts that you know next to nothing about cars in general and exactly nothing about Mustangs. For all we know, none of those competitions ever took place or if they did, they were all 6 bangers.

    A 2014 Mustang V6 (315hp) with anyone half decent behind thee wheel would walk a 98 GT on pretty much any day of the week.

    One other small thing: Don't question what WMBurns has told you. You're not qualified. If you doubt what he is telling you is the truth then provide documentation to that effect. A link to resource, a link to a reference, anything that you can find to indicate that what he's told you is incorrect. I for one, would LOVE to see a credible source that backs up your claim.

    What is the title and ISBN# from the book?

    Here's a couple of sources for you to view:

    Last but not least...

    Consider the company you're in when you come to this site. This ain't some honduh forum where dudes stand around their mom's grocery getter and talk a bunch a crap about fictitious dyno number and lie about track times. I GUARANTEE you that 90% of the people you find here have more wrench and seat time in Mustangs than you do in cars.

    The other 10% are @Gearbanger 101 and @madspeed :D
  15. shhh, don't give away my secrets
  16. LOL so much fail in his thread. Definitely sounds like a 16 year-old.....
  17. M
    My 13 year old it the same way.

    I had a 96 GT...installed cams myself. Yes it has two...over each head hence Single OverHead Cam (SOHC). IF it were the old 5.0 liter it would have ONE cam. I know for a fact I installed two...either that or I'm one hell of a mechanic and made the only 2 cammed old 5.0 liter in the world.
  18. I'm right there with ya. If his response is anything other than along the lines of, "Thank you kind sirs for your time and efforts...." then smack it. :nice: