My Car Must Have A Bigger Engine Than A 4.6l

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  1. I could maybe see it feeling fast if it had gears in it. Maybe it has 4.10s. Other then that he should start listening to everyone.
  2. Let's just say he's going to have Bieber Fever for a little while. :D

    ....that's of course assuming he hasn't got it already. He is idolized by most 16-year-olds after all. :shrug:
  3. I haven't seen a thread explode in such a small amount of time. The kids either one helluva dummy or a fakin' a$$ troll. Could be whatever techs he takes it to are totally screwing with him too....cause he knows it all, dog.

    I will say something for him though, he sure lit a flame under everybody's seat. Liking the energy gents. Wish we could be so motivated more often.

    Still teenagers are dummies and if this one has a half ounce of sense, he will never show up on this forum again.
  4. Oh the bravado of a teenager who comes in seeking knowledge then suddenly knows it all when provided with (correct) information. Based on the photo provided your Mustang is of the SOHC variety like all other GT's of that year. Your car is slow and probably pulled on V6's, or the Camaro/Charger owners weren't even racing you to begin with. 95 was positively the last model year with a push rod 5.0 in it, I've had a number of friends who owned those vehicles. You can always tell by the very distinct exhaust note a 5.0 emits when compared to the modular 4.6. Lastly, just because those friends of yours say they're "Ford Tech's" doesn't mean a whole lot to me. A buddy of mine recently had a "Ford Tech" friend of his help with an intake manifold swap on his 2000 GT and right now he's currently dropping in a newly rebuilt motor because the old one grenaded itself after they fired it up. A bolt or some piece of hardware fell down into an intake port upon disassembly, oops.

    Try eating a slice of humble pie it's good for you.
  5. LMAO great troll thread....

    If you are in Ohio, I'll run ya to see how "big that engine is"
  6. It blows me away that people have nothing better to do.
  7. I am doing it
  8. tooo much tech in this thread :D
  9. your car is a SOHC 4.6...... your mechanics are dumb and so is your book.

    1995 was the last year for the pushrod 5l in a mustang. No matter what you say, you are wrong
  10. If it's a Mustang, it is going to feel fast, even if it isn't up to par with some other vehicle. That's the whole idea of the designers. "Make them feel like they have power to take on the world in our design, styling, and colors." (Plus, MUSTANG = MUSCLE CAR = FAST to a lot of people) I've got the 2005 GT 4.6l with a few bumps in power here and there but I don't go around saying 'hey guys lets go race, hurr durr.' As a teenager with her first mustang, (granted I'm about to turn 20 in December but still I'm 19) I don't know too much about my car but I do know how to tell if things have or haven't been added and when things are going wrong. My car takes the same amount of oil (if not a little more) than his does on a regular basis. I would like to invite this kid out to my neck of the woods to let him see which one of us is stock and which isn't.

    Also, listening to his elders is a skill he should probably learn. It'll save him a lot of time and face-smacking in the long run.
  11. Yes, because that makes all the difference. :D
  12. It does! Haha, I dunno really.
  13. I'm so glad i read this thread, I needed a good laugh
  14. C'mon guys....troll. Don't let him get under your skin.

    Nobody even touched the fact there was never a 1998 california special's just a plain ole 215HP GT
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  15. Ahem. 225 horsepower.

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  16. Slow as dog turd?

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  17. When i was 225HP 5.0 felt like a rocketship!

    Now 4-door altimas have more HP and can run a faster 1/4 mile.
  18. I'm surprised that this thread still lives. o_O
  19. Mine must be bigger than yours :cool:
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