My Car Must Have A Bigger Engine Than A 4.6l

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  1. You are an idiot.... Sorry if you take offense to this I only speak the truth!
  2. Meh, let the kid think what he wants... Who cares. He's probably the same kid that the shop teacher sends to the hardware store for board stretchers and such. Usually when I see someone floating around in the bliss that must be idiocy I just smile and think "bless his heart".
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  3. This thread made me so happy to read I have not been on in awhile and this made it worth it
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  4. This kid is long gone. Wonder what the chances of him being from Beeville TX
  5. i got one but it must be bigger than 4.6 gigawatts
  6. To be fair, it would feel fast if it were a 5 speed and all his past experience is with an automatic. I mean, the 94-95 and 96-98 auto equipped convertible GTs were probably the slowest V8 equipped cars in history. If that is what he is used to, then a 5 speed would feel like a rocket.
  7. Feeling fast is one thing. Making claims of beating what everyone knows to be vastly quicker and faster cars is another. The drivers of either a later model Camaro or Challenger could literally be nodding off at the wheel at the start of the race and still easily reel a 2V NPI Mustang in on a street contest. As the matter of fact....I'll go as far to question whether his car could beat either of those models in their base V6 trim.

    Race BS aside, manufacturing an extra set of cams in the top end of the engine and calling it a 4-valve Cobra engine is what really sold it for me....or even calling the car a California special several years before that model even existed was good for a chuckle. :D

    And then arguing a fact that even Wikipedia got right? (the last year of 5.0L OHV production in a Mustang)

    This has to be one of the must successful troll threads in recent memory?
  8. Oh no Gearbanger, I wasn't trying to stick up for him. When I said "to be fair" I meant being fair to a stick shift Mustang over an auto Mustang. I have an 03 auto GT. And I noticed a huge difference between my car and an a stick shift GT. Stock to stock I'd say maybe even half a second. That is if the auto is a convertible and the stick shift is a hard top. But in any case, I get what you're saying. Kid copped an attitude. Hopefully he'll learn his lesson and calm down.
  9. no it did not . the 4.6 sohc and dohc engines debuted for the 1996 model year replacing the pushrod engine . there were no factory ford mustangs in 1996 with a v8 pushrod engine . now saleen in 1996 offered a supercharged 351 but that was done at saleen and the car had originally shipped from ford with a 3.8 v6
  10. Have fun, enjoy the car. Be careful.
  11. This is awesome

    You still exist!
  12. Had actually been reading through the whole thing when you posted. I took a lengthy hiatus myself, didn't know you'd taken a pretty serious direction with your car

    I like it a lot, looking forward to some time slips. I actually went to the SN95 side myself after hating the cars for so long. They've definitely grown on me.

  13. You need to fix dat chit. Lately I've found that things get interesting more frequently as of late.
  14. were getting better at steering a thread towards Taco Bell quicker
  15. Yeah this place really went down hill when people tried talking about mustangs