My Car Must Have A Bigger Engine Than A 4.6l

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  1. fixt :p
  2. :fuss:

    I WANTED to do a GT40 build but I couldn't decide between a B cam and a TFS stage 1 so I scrapped the whole driveline
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  3. It's not super-serious. It's definitely still a 100% street car, fully capable of driving every single day. And I've not actually spent that much money. I've got less than a grand in the motor, only a few hundred in the transmission. Only gonna spend $200-$300 on the fuel system. Heck, almost got more in the converter than everything else combined, but if/when I sell the car, I'm keeping the converter anyway for a build later down the road.

    All-in-all, I'll be more than happy if the car runs 11.20s-11.30s, which I certainly think it should.

    I like the SN95s, but I still like a well-done New Edge better. Sonic Blue Cobra or Azure Blue Mach 1 = :drool:

    Patience, old grasshoppa.

    Although mine is getting a little thin at this point. Definitely ready to have it back together. I'm actually going to pick up a new fuel tank this afternoon, and my transmission builder texted me last night and said it'd be ready by tomorrow evening. So hopefully I'll be able to work on it all of this upcoming weekend, and presuming no snags, I might be able to have it running by then. We'll see.
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  5. Friend of mine bought a 95 auto vert. He was ecstatic to be in a mustang. I tried to tell him but he was hooked on it. Easily the slowest package ever produced
  6. ....until the following year when the '96 auto vert was released. :D
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  7. Very true
  8. Hahaha I made a typo. It WAS a 4.6 car. Dark green, tan top, super 40 flows and a 4" cowl hood. God it made a lot of noise and very little movement
  9. Skywalkers car spottted

  10. Well that happened to me a couple times. First was in my very first sports 87 Z28. 5.0 carb'd engine with 150 hp. I thought that car was a rocket. Second time was after I did some mods to my 03 Mustang GT. I did ricer math (didn't know any better) and figured that I had enough hp/tq to take out a 2003-04 Mach1, non-supercharged Cobras, and LS1 Camaros and Trans Ams, and even LS1 powered Vettes. Boy was I wrong. Point is, sometimes you get excited over a car or a mod and you think you're faster than you really are.
  11. This was quite an excellent read!
    Made me laugh, Riled me up a little, made me laugh until I cried...Haven't experienced that many emotions for a while!
    Some one's got to put kids these days in their place. They are just like every other generation of teenager, except our society isn't keeping them from getting to big for their britches anymore! Well played, fellas...Well played.

  12. Not only that but our current society is encouraging them to breed. :shrug:

    We're social engineering natural selection, completely out of the process these days.
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