My car on 17" Drag Radials *VIDEO*

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  1. I have video of my car at the track but I need someone to host it. Any help?
  2. I tryed both of those with no luck. The second one I would upload but never showed up in the file list.
    The crossroads wants a URL. :shrug:
  3. so were are the videos are they up yet?
  4. Jay

    On CR all you need to do is just upload it from your computer to the site.
    It will them upload it and give you a link addy to copy and paste (in the box to the right).

  5. [​IMG]

    "BIG JAY" RUNS 10's!!

    Jay that's good to go man!! I hope to be in the 10's this summer as well. Your boost sounds beautiful dude! :hail2:
  6. AWESOME RUNS Jay!!! Man for as soft as it seems to leave there is SO MUCH MORE potential in it that's in not even funny. I think that's awesome you are able to run 10's on 17" DR's!
  7. holycrap dude, at first it looked like that guy had you and you just blew past him and ended up getting 10s. Congrats!

    That turbo sounds crucial.
  8. you're such a doofus.........Jay those are some pretty sweet runs ya got there.....what were you're 60' times like?? also what size DR's were they.....315/35/17? :nice:
  9. yeap, 315/35/17.

    Maybe after I get the clutch bug fixed I will put the stickies on and turn the boost up.