my car sucks

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by TK_05, Dec 18, 2003.

  1. ok i went and put in a new coil, start it up and it wont fire.. itll crank and what not but not fire... and the #1 plug is getting no spark... is it a bad coil or what?
  2. why did you swap coils in the first place? grab your book and check the values your coil should have with a VOM (between primary and secondary, etc). if that checks out, i would digress to components upstream of the coil. i have heard of some coils being bad off the shelf (esp if it is a parts store variety and not msd, crane,etc).
    good luck.
  3. Reading a repair manual or three, doesnt suck! You get to learn how your car works and how to diagnose it yourself. Come here when you get stuck. Get a test light at least. I got mine for a buck. Is the coil getting power?
  4. It would help to know why you replaced the coil in the first place. If you replaced the coil simply because you weren't getting spark, you may have made a mistake. The TFI module seems to be the #1 culprit for EFI 5.0's not getting spark. Test the coil. If the coil is good, I wouldn't hesitate to replace the TFI module right away; it's the thing bolted to the front of your distributor. Chances are you will need the special TFI removal tool to get the little bolts out (parts store guy will know what you're talking about). Good luck.
  5. i replaced the coil because the other one was bad... it was making that spark noise (ticking sound) when i turned the key to start it.. guess it would help to read my repair manual... better not be that module... i dont got cash to fix this pos
  6. i am not familiar with the noisy coils. that must be a new thing, kinda like the chime that tells you that your lights are still on. j/k.
    do you mean that the motor would not turn over when you tried to start it, it just "clicked?" that means you battery, etc are at fault. has nothing to do with the ignition. charge the battery or jump it with another battery to see if it starts.

    or do you mean that you dont hear a "buzz" for about 2-3 seconds when you turn the key on. that is the fuel pump. again, not ignition related. let us know what it is. not worth writing more on this until you give more info. im guessing it is the latter, now that i think about it, but could be wrong.

    and if im wrong, check in the first chapter of the repair manual. it will have troubleshooting stuff for different situations. this will help you , and help us. we cant help if we dont know what is wrong. and like i said, sounds like your ignition is not at fault based on the clicking statement, and if im wrong, my bad.

    good luck.