1. i am still finishing up my 5-lug swap but here is what it looks like. i just installed (4) 17x9 FR500, 275/40/17 nitto dr on the back and 255/40/17 nitto's up front, maximum motorsport/H&R springs, Bilsteins, MM cc plates, MM stainless brake lines, superior axles, north cobra brackets, sn95 spindles/master cylinder, and all new prothane bushings, and brakes off a 2000 mustang. All i have left is to cut, flare and bend the rear brake lines and then bleed the system. picture's not the best, ill get better ones when its finished.

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  2. the wheels look pretty cool. i dont think i have ever saw the fr500s on a fox. lets see some more pics, im curious to see how they look at different angles.
  3. damn thats nice lookin
  4. Sweet. I like the rims.
  5. any more pics?
  6. I'm dead set on doing the FR500s when I go with the brake upgrade next winter. They just look bad ass on a fox!

    Nice job!
  7. Yea I would like a better pic of the stance of the car...
  8. Those rims go well with the red color, nice work.
  9. Looks great! Can't wait to see some more pics...
  10. i dont have any more pics right now but i will try to get some up ASAP. I feel the car sits perfect. I cant wait to drive it and feel the difference. It still had the original shocks/struts and springs. It should be night and day. thanks for the compliments....