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Discussion in 'Classic Mustang Specific Tech' started by 68FBJJZ109, Nov 28, 2006.

  1. Here are some pictures of my car. I am posting them to cheer up a friend, and I figured its time to show everyone here at Stangnet the car since I get alot of the information I need from it. My friens and I refer to it as the Shelby Boostang. Should give all the higher end imports, 03-04 Cobra's and new shelbys a good show. Hopefully of its sweet rear.
  2. Some more since i have nto clue how to post more then two.
  3. some more....
  4. :) now we just need to get the ball rolling on mine :)
  5. How long have I been hounding you about that.
  6. girlfriends are horrible hurdles when building a car....
  7. "Get rid of it!" I hear that a lot too. I always joke with her about the car would be a LOT harder to replace than she would. :rolleyes:
  8. hey 68FBJJZ109 how d those corbeau seats feel? im thinking of getting them but want to know how hey comfy they feel and how they hold you?
  9. what power plant are you putting in it?
  10. NoVaEaTer, the seats pretty nice, They do pretty good job of holding you in, though to be honest i won't know for sure till i can drive it with the harnesses. There pretty comfortable as well though i haven't sat in them for longer then like 15 minutes. Also there a bit high, so ill have to modify the seat platforms.

    86bluecobra, a intercooled Turbo Charged Dart block based 331 stroker. With all forged internals, and a custom ground cam for the motor, turbo, and intake setup. The heads depend on which friend I can buy the block and rotating assembly off of. And running a stand alone EMS hopefully another used one will pop up in the area. Thats the genearl out line if you want more specifics just ask.

    Here are some better pictures:
  12. Nice ride, once you're done it will definitely be Shel-Boo-lishious
  13. Haha thanks, slowly but surely.
  14. Car looks REAL nice at this point. Congrats man!

    The rear end looks good, as do the wheels on the rear view pic. How wide are those wheels? I really like it.
  15. Nice build, are you planning on running a carb?
  16. looks like an EFI manifold to me.
  17. Very nice man!!!
  18. The rear should look more complete with the Shelby tail lights. Hopefully after christmas, when i have some extra money.