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  1. Man I am so jealous!!!! Those are the exact same pedal assembly I am planning on using. Man your car is going to turn out to be a BAD-ASS ride. I am very interested to hear how those pedals work out.

    Are the pedal too close together in your opinion, cause I was thinking of going with the two seperate ones and spacing them out a little bit.

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  2. Well thanks, when I saw what you where doing to your car my friend was over, and was like see i told you you should have just built a chassis, though i dont have the means really to do that.

    They are a bit on the close side, there might be some cutting (my fix for everything that doesn't work) going on in the future, though i still think its worth getting the whole assembly because it would be cheaper versus getting to seperate single assemblies.
  3. Started cut the trunk floor to make room for the fuel cell. It went pretty well, though I need to move it farther forward to allow for the rear valance.
    Here is my home made Pennsytuckey in car break, I used a framing square and some vice grips and it actaully worked.
    Have to cut and modify the gonzo noise filler tube.

    Hopefully by the end of the week I can button everything up.
  4. I've missed to photos on page one. Would love to see the engine bay. And does that brake/clutch go thru the firewall. If not how do you fill the res. I love to see photos and hate I missed them. :nice:
  5. Lookin good!!! Can you snap a pic from the rear so we can see how much if any the fuel cell hangs down.

    Thanks in advance, keep up the good work!!
  6. Yes the pedal assembly does mount to the firewall, and the Master Cylinders are mounted on the engine side so you can fill them with ease, though some setups do not allow for this.

    And some pictures, here is my very empty engine bay 67 Evil Eleanor, soon to be filled when the motor is all buttoned up and the Lakewood bellhousing comes in off back order.

    And for you Black GMC

    Thanks again guys
  7. Rear End

    Excellent work on the rear end, roll bar, cage and sub frames. Wished I had done more structural, and I don't even have the engine in yet.

    I like that charge cooler you have out front. Turbo or SC? {edit} I read.. turbo, excellent!

    I am at the point of doing the radiator in my car. Which radiator did you use? I see you cut out the opening more. I would love to see more pictures.

    Keep up the picture posts.
  8. Thanks man, progress is lookin Great!!! The A** of your car looks great!!
  9. Thanks, I didn't do the rollcage, though a friend and I welded everthing else. Its a Be Cool Radiator, I am pretty sure this is the one. Though Ill have to doulbe check tomorrow after school. Any pictures in particular you would like to see?

    Haha Thanks, That the comment I get the most about the car followed by how many girls it will pick up, though its not going to be a plush ride and it takes a specail kind a girl to want to climb over door bars and strap into a 5 point harness. Though regardless it building it for me not to pick up girls, and to kick the crap out of other cars, with classic shelby good looks. I have my eye set one a 4th Gen White TT Supra with a V8HUNTER vanity plate. Hopefully when the rest of the drive line is in, the front will look as aggressive and BA as the back.:rolleyes: THough as much as I want it done, its fun to build for the most part, I am sure you guys can relate.

  10. That V8 "HUNTER" Supra going up against your car would be like the video I saw on tv of the deer hunter getting a beat down by a pissed off buck. :rlaugh:
  11. Haha its supposedly pretty quick though i have never seen it at the track on run on the street,:shrug: should be interesting, Though I not sure how much my motor will put out for sure, my friend and I have a rough idea so I can only speculate.
  12. Well I decided to go with a step up vehicle/new Daily Driver. Everyone i talked to seemed to think it was a good idea seein as i would be going from slow a** truck to my turbo shelby there. So I traded my Ranger for it so not to take nay money away from the other car.

    This car will be my DD and ginnie pig for rocker panel replacement, as well as other cosmetic issues, Though a little rough around the edges, and some minor annoyances its a pretty solid car and runs like a bat outta hell. Its got a BBK Longtubes, H pipe, followed by Flowmasters, MSD Ignition, 3.73 posi, and 255 50 16 BFG DR's out back. And quite possilble the nicest headlight i have ever seen on a fox body. Just need to resist temptation, because I have a full set out Fox body Turbo Plumbing.....

  13. Hey love the project! What color are you going to paint it?

    Keep up with the pictures, everbody loves em!!!
  14. I am not sure yet, I never left room for paint in the bugdet haha, Maybe Red, or Satin Black, Sunset Orange was a possiblity. Though progress may slow for a bit, Schools coming to a close, and I am waiting on a Lakewood bellhousing, and a cuople key things before i can put the motor in it. and start mocking things up. Thanks for the complements.
  15. Definitely don't do satin black, at least not the whole car. I don't a Mustang has exised that looked good in a flat/satin color. :shrug:

    IMO, nothing compliments a fast car like nice glossy paint. :nice:
  16. what brackets did you use for your corbeau seats? did you use the adapters that were $30 each or the complete brackets for $90 each? do you have pics of the brackets in the car?
  17. I used the complete brackets for the Corbeau seats. I odnt have any pictures of just the brackets in the car. Though if you like I could un mount them from the seats and mount them in the car and show you.
  18. Those these are not very exciting pictures, they are the calm before the storm so to speak. I should have the motor this weekend depending on work.

    These came of a 84 gt if I am correct, a good friend of mine took them into work and mediablasted them for me, and the came out great.

    This is the Downs Intake being SLOWLY stripped with chemical stripper. This is what happens when you forget to give it to your friend with the medialbaster.

    After paint, and some selective sanding.

    Self Explanatory

  19. wow those covers look really good :nice:
  20. Thanks, there even better because I only had to pay 4.99 for paint. to get them to look like that.