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  1. Well I have dusted off the cobwebs from the Fastback, I worked on it for the first time in 4 years...


    I cut a coil mostly due to the fact I was tired of it stance, and I am glad I did, my hour of effort has left the car with a much more aggressive stance. though the cars power train will be changing. I will be selling the built low compression 331, in favor of a naturally aspirated Aluminum 351 based stroker shooting for at least 500 and 500 at the wheels. I also plan on replacing the TKO 900 with a T-56.

    The Notch weighs in a 2830, and made 486, and 490 at the wheels and was very fun to drive, and very quick. I came to the conclusion that this was probably more enough power to suit my needs as a "corner carver" and that simplicity and durability while making every attempt to shaving weight of the nose of the car would be the goals.

    So once I sell the Notch and the old power plant, I will start working on the fastback once again with a goal or trying to all the major components of the together by the fall.
  2. It looks like your neighbor has a cool Oldsmobile Hurst. Is that what it is?
  3. It is a Olds 442, and I think it is for sale though it has been some time since it has been outside.
  4. Well the power plant has officially changed, the car will be powered by an LS 7.
    I am sure that enraged some people, that is not true however it is the inspiration for the new motor. Aluminum Dart Windsor based 427.

    The short block is currently being built, though funds are limited so it will not be complete till Summer.

    Unfortunately a new front suspension may be in order. I am concerned that the likely fact that the 315's will push hard through the turns as I am only running a 245 up front. I may be able to over come this by running an 18'' wheels which will allow me to clear the god awfully tall classic spindle.

    18's present issues of there own, though I don't foresee the increased brake or engine load as real concern. Not to mention I can get lots of free used tires from a buddy who works for a Mercedes Benz, as they replace tires prematurely and often.... He has garage bay full of tires off high end Benz's to feed his Blown Mach 1's Big Smokey Burnout habit.

    If I go this route I still will probably swap out some of the suspension components to allow for the coil overs to mount to the LCA to aid in the handling dept. Although this setup would likely out drive me initially, not being restrained by adequate suspension pick up points is nice.

    Option two is just even more expensive, swap out the whole front suspension with a smaller spindle allow for a wider front tire. The Agent-47 SLA setup is the primary candidate for this, however there is also Griggs Racing, or Art Morrison C6 front clip. (though some people might befit from like new used parts...).

    Most of my friends argue to just put the car on the road already however, with the likely hood of more cutting and welding in the future, I would prefer to do it the right way first, as funds allow. I think rattle can flat black, and lizard skin will do nicely till I can afford to do anything else.