My cobra got owned :(

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by SuperStang281, Dec 7, 2004.

  1. I've got an '03 cobra and got beat by a civic. it wasn't turbo or anything. Maybe it had nawzz... This ever happen to you guys ever?
  2. One of the worst threads eVar!
  3. almost "THE WORST" evar..
  4. LOL, yup. Almost. There are a few in competition for that spot.
  5. yea like any one of "solid snake"'s threads...
  6. :nice: good call.
  7. I actually have been beat by a Civic... :rolleyes:

    In my defense, it was at the local dragstrip and this "thing" had slicks on the front and skinnies on the back. It was also totally stripped inside and had a turbocharged engine with a "mysterious" Mitsubishi emblem on it... :shrug:
    Probably only weighed the same as our engines... On our runs he cut low 12's at 120 mph and I did see him run a high 11 later on. In the end, it went home on a trailer due to parts failure while I drove mine home listening to tunes on the stereo sitting in my nice leather seats in my AC cooled cabin... :flag:

    It did beat me, but not by much as I run 12.3 @ 116 mph on street tires. :nice:
  8. Yeah, okay....


  9. I "almost" lost to a Turbo Civic. He was at my door the whole damn race. I did not start to walk him until about 120......I left him really, really hard at that point as his car dies out. But let's face it, the race is pretty much over around then.
  10. A Civic almost beat me one time. We were doing abour 40 or so. Then I realized he was trying to race, I gave it a little gas and blew by him. Maybe I shouldn't have left it in 5th? I probably could have beat him even easier! lol
  11. A day after I got my car I was walked by a GTO. First I forgot I wasnt in my GT auto and forgot to shift, then I missed 3rd. Needless to say, he was gone. But that hasn't happened again, nor will it ever happen again, unless it is a really bad a$$ car.
  12. i was beat by a turbo civic back when my '94 was stock :(
  13. ...and this one time, at band camp...
  14. go ahead and come out of the closet and say you really drive a civic and ask how can you beat a new cobra. I will go ahead and answer that one for you though..........

    buy a cobra.
  15. Is this thread for real?!? A civic? No Turbo? Just stock with "maybe some spray"??? Even with spray!!! You probably cant drive that car.

    Admitting you got beat by a stock Civic in a 03' Cobra is like telling a girl that you have Genital Herpes on your 1st date!! :notnice: :shrug:
  16. OF COURSE IT ISN'T REAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. superstang must drive a vtech civic with a spoon engine or what ever the *** it is.
    any one can beat anyone if they dont know how to drive
    he just wants some hints at how to beat a cobra. the only way a civic could win is to just ram the cobra off the road , but then again, the lil ricer would just bounce off hahahah