My Cobra vs. z28!!!

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by droptopsnake01, Dec 15, 2004.

  1. Alrighty guys, my friend just bought a z28... and I know that he wants to run me bad. He is going to feel the wrath of my nittos @15 psi and the 4.10's. Oh its a Ls1 im suppose to be scared :rolleyes:
  2. You kick that bowties butt and i wanna hear how bad he loses
  3. Any Idea how much power you are making? Is the LS1 stock? Most of the LS1's around here are outrunning the 2003/2004 cobras when they only have minimal mods.
  4. Wow you must only know some pretty ****ty 03/04 drivers, because there is no way an ls1 na should hang with the 03/04! a z06 even has his hands full!
  5. Git 'er done :banana:
  6. :lol: :bs:
  7. you won't have any trouble. i've beaten a few z28 LS1's without any trouble and i have fewer mods than you
  8. :bs:
  9. ahhahaahahhah
  10. I like cobras and all but camaros and trans ams will always be my first love and it really irritates me when people think their cobra is so bad whenever they beat a stock LS1, it takes a Supercharger to do so and whats bad is that stock cobras prior to the 03 were still getting beat by stock LS1. You can mod an LS1 and run just as fast as any cobra. what we should all do is supercharge an LS1 and see what happens.
  11. then do it and quit your whining........we'll wait
  12. Im not whining im just stating a fact, I gurantee it wouldnt take me supercharging my LS1 to smoke you buddy, and if i did youd be the one whining.
  13. Go ahead and supercharge your LS1. I'm sure your [email protected] compression ratio will love a blower.....a s s. :nonono: It takes you 5.7 liters of displacement if you wanna start using the supercharger excuse.
    RIP F-Body 2002 :rlaugh:
  14. I never said i was going to supercharge and LS1. You need to do 3 of 3 things buy a 98 Cobra and go get rapped by every LS1 and LT1 you see, shut your mouth and after you do both of those why dont you go wreck another mustang you dick! :rlaugh: yea its funny!
  15. Wow. i am so hurt, so hurt that i think you'll be banned in a tiny bit.
    Merry X-mas :nice: :D

    BTW. I would like to introduce you to my friends . and ,
  16. AWW!!! lets go run and tell on me and get me banned, its really gonna hurt my heart. You aint nuthin but a PUNK! apparantely i did hurt you or you wouldnt go and run to tell someone to get me banned :nonono: what a sissy thing to do. Why dont you just be a man about it and go on, dont be a cry baby.

    RIP Black Beauty :rlaugh:

    BTW: Good luck on getting your new stang and not wrecking it :nice:

    :owned: :owned: :owned: :owned: :owned: :owned:
  17. Meh :shrug: You're a troll, trolls don't really belong here. I could care less if you call me a cry baby. Im not gonna fight with you over the internet and throw insults back and forth. I'm sure your LS1 is fast and i respect that, but no need to say we need a supercharger just to keep up. To each his own man :flag:
  18. Your right no use in arguing but what i said abotut the supercharger wasnt a lie but i shouldnt have said it, my bad i tend to have a bad temper when im mad, truce? :shrug: forget all ive said and have a Merry Christmas man :nice:
  19. Same to you man, no hard feelings :nice: Merry X-mas to you too :flag:

    BTW, teh Black Beauty 2 will be born soon....hopefully in the form of a '99 Cobra in March-April :nice: