My Cobra vs. z28!!!

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  1. Well said buddy, im trying to bash anyones car i love all fast cars (except imports) so like Allen96Cobra said we should all just go out and stomp every ricer we see :D sounds good to me, so everyone involved in this whole dispute lets call truce, ok? :nice: no hard feelings, like they say "To each man his own" :D
  2. supersean, get lost man, YOU ARE IN A MUSTANG FORUM!! What are you thinking...and the reason we slap superchargers on our cars is because we have less cubs and better engines that can take more of a beating! And if you want to compare fords best...than you have to use the FORD GT -550hp vs GM's z06 hahahaha now there is an embarrasment
  3. As Rodney King said "....Can't we all just get along???.." :chair:
  4. This is the smartest thing said all day in this post. I was waiting for somebody to mention the go kart rear axle that GM put in the F-body sisters. No Mustang with a solid axle has wheel hop like that. Not to mention the 8.8 rear axle Ford uses is bullet proof.
  5. You're all wrong, Hondas own Mustangs and Chevy's.......... :rlaugh:
  6. I certainly hope for the manufacturers sake that a 350ci car will beat a 281ci car.

    No one doubts what will happen with mods but factory to factory, Ford wins right now. Just let us have the glory for a little bit. We all know what could be done with an LS1 and I myself don't think the 03/04's are unbeatable.
    HOWEVER-- they are forged and I doubt a LS1 could get that much power without getting into the motor...

    Now I'm starting to loose respect for you. :D
    "TURD" GT --- NO
    A 4.6 Cobra with 03 cams and a solid rear-end.
    Watched one run 12.90's four times in a row with gears and exhaust.

    Man, your never going to win or convince anyone otherwise. You may think that your not trying to do that or that you don't care- but you are and you do.
    It's a Mustang forum for Pete's sake...

    I respect you again. :flag:

  7. Lingenfelter vette/ L88 is probably chevy's best. Plus no one has been in the new z06 and don't know what it is capable of yet. Time will see.
  8. Lingenfelter isn't Chevy made.
  9. too bad John Lingenfelter is no longer with us:(...
  10. in a recent article by GM high tech performance, rumors of a SC vette were confirmed. however, after testing the program was, at least temporarily, squashed because of "durability" issues. its the most recent issue, go read it yourself. they are a GM cheerleading mag, i dont think they would print it if it werent true. you be the judge...
  11. ALLEN96COBRA..............WELL said my friend!! I loved it!!
    Now it's my turn to rant :rlaugh:
    No actually i just want to point out some things that i think should be mentioned here.
    These arguments over these cars are irrelevant. And the reason i say that is because most of the bragging rights here are "from the factory" bragging rights.
    Sean, you say if GM put a SC on an LS1, it'd be a different story comparing it to an SC Cobra. Why because of displacement right? Okay but GM DID NOT do that! And my point I'm trying to make is this: Couldnt we also come back and say to you "well if FORD would put in a 5.8L 351 or a DOHC 5.4L engine...blah blah blah" YOU GET THE POINT!
    It's useless to argue the matter. The bragging rights spoken of here are "From the Factory" bragging rights. After that when the MODS start, it's OPEN SEASON MY FRIEND!! You cant brag until you show up at the strip and whup some tail!!
    So from the factory the COBRA has the Bragging rights over the LS1's currently. And until GM brings out another Camaro or TA, it's gonna stay that way. Simply put. Coming in here saying what you said, you deserved to be ragged on. Your arguments have no weight because the same things could be said toward you and your LS1's.
    You say you dont like people that drive Cobras, well i doubt they like you very much either if you talk that way toward them. Comon, lets have some respect for each other and their cars.
    Go ahead and mod your LS1s and LT1s and try beating the Cobras. But what if he plays by your rules and Mods his too??? Are you going to say that's NOT FAIR??
    You have no argument here. SO just stop, Pleeze.
    Thank you! :flag:
  12. I completely agree with what you said. GM didn't throw a blower on the LS1 so the what if's are pointless.

    However, I wonder why I never see these comments directed towards any of the Mustang owners who say: the GTO has a 346 and costs $33k so it's not fair to compare it to a GT or...if the GT had 65 more cubes it'd run right with an LS1 or...if I spent the $3k difference between an F-body and GT on mods, I'd smoke an LS1...

    there's a few in this thread too...:shrug:
  13. Who gives a damn if what is stock. Hell my mustang from the factory is much slower than anything you guys are talking about.1967 I think ran 15's,16's maybe ? Anybody who cares about racing does keep it stock for long. I am jealous of chevy's block in some ways because some are very strong. But what's the point of a strong block if the rest is junk. You always want a good platform to start building from, which Ford has given the 281's.

    Ford has caught up with the rest of the world finally with the OHC. Where is Chevy ? Thought it woulda been somewhere in their new "REVOLUTION" they keep talking about. Sorry couldn't resist the jab. :bang:
  14. Why are you guys even arguing over this stuff? When was the last time any of you bought a sports car and left it stock? If you did, you probably wouldnt be here. So be happy with being able to beat 90% of cars on the road, and "run what you brung", then you can brag!
  15. teh LS1 ken nevar loose!!!!!!!
    it was touched by the hand of god.
  16. :lol:
    no i agree and I'm certainly not trying to upset anyone here. Really, if you think about it. It's kinda silly to argue whose car is faster. What does that do for you if your car is faster? Nothing really. Doesnt mean your "better" than the other guy. However friendly competition is always a fun thing. It's just too bad it gets ugly at times.
    Be nice if ALL the FORD and GM guys could respect each other and their cars. :rolleyes: Be alot happier people around here. ;)
  17. I respect alot of cars but something about people telling me their car will destroy mine in a race just has this chilling effect on that respect. If you think its faster prove it. Don't sit on the internet going back and fourth on what ifs. Some cars are easier to mod then others.
    03 Cobras mods are easier without cracking into the engine.

    LS1's are a more traditional car as they are more balanced with internal/external ability to modify.

    The fact is if you start throwing some heavy mods out on a LS1 they can run pretty well with just about anything on the road. Cobra same thing with enough boost anything is possible......
  18. I have to agree with rugster on this one.

    This is a pointless argument :notnice: ! Please stop!

    If you want to race. Put up or shut up!
  19. I love these areguments do to the fact there is essentially no end if the two cars never meet.

    Not preaching here but I had chased the end of the rainbow in my 99GT. Proud it would spank a stock Cobra in 02. PO'd when Ford sent out the 03 with more oats than my $40,000 invested GT which stalled occasionally.

    I had never raced an 03 but for some reason I was chasing it. Hell, I may have been able to beat one. None the less, I put more money up to about $50,000 into my GT to protect myself against the 03. Then it happened. A pullied 03 spanked me. 400 to the wheels in my GT and I might have well been in my S10. Driveability sucked, I was always worried I was gonna blow it up, but I had enough power to beat just about anyone I would line up against(whoopie sh***t). I hated that car (my GT). Nothing but a waiste of my money and heart ache.

    Why am I saying this. Sorry for rambling, but it just doesn't matter. None of it does. Only one thing matters and that is each of our individual satisfaction with our own car. Computer racing is BS and you cannot loose if you do not race.

    Enjoy your car. There is always someone who will spend more than you or do it differently. Unless your at a track and that's your bag, it is a ghost no one needs to chase.

    I sure as he** wish I hadn't. :bang:

    RIP Black GT

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  20. I'm not flaming or siding with anyone. I just wanted to give you some more accurate info. 10.5:1 comp ratio and the bottom end of an LS1 is forged with 6 bolt mains. I'm not sure about the rear on the F body, mine is a dana 44 IRS with LS build by the Aussie guys!

    I'ved raced LT1 and LS1 F-bodies and beat them (except one LS1 with N20 - Fast as $hit). I raced pre S/C Cobras and won but the 03/04s are FAST and I have had only one chance to race a "slightly modded" 04 (so he said) and he walked me. :nice:

    More mods needed!!!