My Cobra vs. z28!!!

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  1. Does everyone here just see what DOC GTO just said? He has my utter respect cause he is a GM guy who speaks very respectfully about other peoples cars.
    DOC, you have my respect and you can whup up on my Cobra anyday. No seriously you could, Im sad to say. :hail2:
  2. I'm a car nut. Anything that has internal combustion is cool. I'm also a Ford and a GM fan (of the fast cars that is!). Thanks for the props . . . :nice:
  3. If you could only buy one car, no matter what it was, we would eventually be bored of it.

    Outside of Hyundia, Kia and Daewoo, I love cars. Driving them, reading about them and watching those crap shows on speed vision and Spike.

    That is why when someone else calls my car or any car crap or junk, it drives me insane.

    You don't have to preach about the 03/04 Cobras to me.

    Couldn't beat em so I joined em.

    Funny thing about is, mine was used. Thought it was factory except for the exhaust do to the perfect driveability. Once I strapped it down on the dyno, it was like I hit the lottery. Ford & SVT did a great job on those cars.

    I do like the GTO though. I like it in black. Actually considered it prior to buying my Cobra hoping it had 3 seats in the back (3 kids) and I get the GM discount. It didn't so I bought my dream car out of convenience.
  4. They can't do it. The Camaro went out of buisness :flag:
    Did you really just say all that i can't believe anyone is that dumb "DER DER take away the shaker and the DOHC blah blah" umm dude i might as well say take away your heads cam and intake and what do you have NOTHING BUT A ****ING SHORT BLOCK NUM NUTS

    And a 03 cobra is not in the class of a z06 price is way lower and its still almost as fast, cobra's are not the best we have to offer either ITS CALLED A FORD GT ya know 5.4 550hp smoke DA SHJIT OUTTA YOUR zo6 you say put a supercharger on a s21 ls2 or whatever! dude ford makes the same power out of a n/s 281 CI as GM does with 350! imagine if ford build a 351 or a 400 like the ls2 go drive your DOOR STOP around and get outta of a ford site util you learn to shut your C*ck hole
  6. I thought the zo6 came with an LS1.
    should be a good race...LOL. :nice:
    this is apples and oranges.
    both are sweet freakin cars after any mods.
    has anyone noticed that imports are becoming extinct. :rlaugh:
    Just gotta love RAW American Muscle. nuff said. :nice:
  7. The C5 Z06 had a LS6 engine, which is basically an LS1. 5.7 with 405bhp SAE Net, slightly stronger block, different cam and a different intake manifold, know as the LS6 intake.

    The 01+ Fbody's also had the LS6 intake, GM rate them at 320bhp SAE Net,. but they tend to dyno near 350bhp SAE Net

    The new (not yet released) C6 Z06 has an LS7 engine which is 7.0 with 500bhp.

    As for s/c Fbody's there are a couple one of the fbody sites, one running stock internals makes 530rwhp & 500rwt. As for durability - who knows, any mod'ed car costs £££'s and the more mods (factory or aftermarket) will always reduce engine durability to an extent.

  8. with just a converter and a lid i was putting a car length on a stock cobra....with a good driver.

    the ZO6 stock for stock would smoke a cobra it weighs 500lbs less and makes the same power. id venture to say even a lightly mod cobra would get handled.

    if hes stock you shouldnt have a problem.

    just my .02

  9. :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh:

    Trolls are a dime a dozen and have about as muchg sense as the dime.

    The fact of the matter is that my 04 Cobra will outrun a Camaro SS, a Trans AM a standard C5, and with my exhaust and intake a Z06 driver better know what the h3ll he is doing or he'll be looking at my tail lights.

    Those are the facts. You can bluster as much as you ain't gonna change.

  10. Camaros were fugly, that's why they're gone.

    I don't care what anyone says. Untill the two cars line up all of this is BS and as Cobra owners (who know the truth) this is a waiste of our time.

    This thread should be dead. Let them chat about there rusting has been rides somwhere else. No time for it here.

    PS. The truth = it takes a special Camaro with a good driver to take a Cobra. It can be done, but it is not all that easy for the bow tie guys anymore.
  11. I'm new to this forum and gotta kick outta this thread :rlaugh: I really don't see/care why it has to be a ford vs gm thing. They are both sweet rides imo. Hell you can mod a friggin hummer to race if you really wanted to lol. Point being, any car can be made to be fast. I say drive what you like and quit hating on what others like. Here's one for the ford vs gm guys... I own an 04 Cobra and a 95 T/A :p I love both! I have to admit, I do like the style of the T/A more. I always have, but I've also always liked stangs too. Stop :bang: over what's better and enjoy what you own, just my .02
  12. Can't help it - must jump in !

    Don't know about the wheel hop, but I am LMAO at the "go kart axle" comment ! :lol:

    GM lately ALWAYS :mad: takes the cheap way out.

    As far as OHC vs. Pushrod - each has advantages & disadvantages - one of the big advantages for the pushrod is that it is cheap - refer to above comment - and smaller in physical size, thus allowing it to be shoehorned into a Vette , and in '06 I think :scratch:into an Impala SS.

    And, one advantage of GM is that their autos do not lose power like a Ford AOD - I have no idea why that is.

    At any rate , in my "prior life" ( married ) I could not own a manual as the wifey could not drive one - the fiancee can & has , and thus a Cobra or GTO is a future possibility !! :banana:

    As I told the guy in the CTS-V that I drove in the Auto Show in Motion:

    I am a performance enthasiast !


  13. I know this is going to start **** but, LT1's are way more challenging than a LS1, those damn LT1's get me everytime however LS1 dont have ****!
  14. I am confused.

    LT1's feel strong on the bottome end, but peak out in the mid range of RPM's .

    The LS1 torque curve is deceptively smooth across the entire range, and their HP is produced in the mid to upper RPM range.

    Unless, of course, you run into the GM equivalent of a 5.0 :stick: - I.E. where they are old enough to have been modded heavily ! :flag:

  15. Droptopsnake01 did you ever race your friend in the z28? Just curious at the out. thanks
  16. bingo i was wondering when some was gonna bring that up i remember years ago the 87 gt taking on the 305 iroc z28 tuned port injection that didnt work for the chevy so they had to bring out the 350 tuned port as the mustang stayed with the 302 and still beat the iroc.