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  1. I have a 2005 mustang v6. I was looking into kits to change the color or all the night lights in the guages and a/c knobs etc. I was wondering if its possible to install the ford my color and message center feature and if theres anywhere to buy it. If not whats a good online site to buy dash lights for 2005+ stangs.
  2. whats the production date for your car? if its an early enough 05, you may be able to upgrrade to the MY COLOR dash, but it will require a trip to the dealer to complete it. they need to program the cluster.
  3. On the sticker in the drivers doorjam it says Date: 02/05 im assuming that means it was manufactured feburary 2005, that seems really late I coulda sworn the original owner bought the car in january 05 (i got the car nov. 05 with 4800 miles). How come the production date maters whether I can get the my color option or not?
  4. Early production cars have the needed wiring already in place. Mine did and I was able to put in the new cluster and necessary switch.
    I'm not certain when they quit installing the wiring in cars that didn't get the interior upgrade package.
    Someone on the site should know.
    You might also search this site. I know it has been discussed many times.
    It's a great upgrade if you can do it. I don't really care about the My Color but I love the computer trip information, MPG, etc. The extra guages that are part of it are also great.
  5. exactly as stan said. the early cars have the wiring needed to install the cluster. if you pop off the blank plug to the top left of the radio, you can check for yourself. if there is a connector sitting there waiting for something to lug into, then you have the wiring. i THINK that the cut off date was april, but not 100% sure since my car did not come close to the cut off. i got one of the real early cars.

  6. this mod was all the rage three years ago ....

    but I haven't heard of anyone doing it now in a very long time.

    Its a rather difficult swap for several reasons ,,,
    #1 the odometer has to matched to your cars EXACT mileage
    #2 the install can affect your car's computer adversely
  7. and Ford is discontinuing the colored dash lights soon anyway. Said even they were having too many problems with it.