My day with the 5.0 OHC Honda

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  1. Well a few months ago my dad picked up a import, i wasnt to impressed nor did it have any inkling to take it out and mess around with it...afterall , it was just a honda...even if it had a 5.0 motor. Well today, i was sitting around and figured "what the heck" so i gassed it up and took it out for a spin. I got on it a few times and it was quite torquey , wanted to jump away from me. Being only a few mins away from the local proving ground i rolled it on down there and made quite a few runs and really tore the place up!
    The handling is pretty good, corner's prettey well, though its a little front heavy (as most would exspected). Yes i know what most of you are thinking...Yes it is the NEW OHC 5.0, not the old 5.0. Wierd thing though its FWD ! Traction is supringly good, Hooked every time, Even from a Dig!
    Gas milage also wasnt to bad, i filled it 1/2 a tank and ran for atleast an hour and half, i was really working it hard.
    Over-all it was a worth the time invested today! I just thought i would share that there is import in this (Ford)blue blooded family :)

    Always nice to have a new toy around!
  2. Oh yeah almost forgot to post some pictures!
  3. I saw that one comming! :p

    As soon as I heard "5.0 Honda" I knew it was 5 horsepower honda. :D
  4. Needs drag shocks and slicks to get it out of the hole better.Weight transfer a better way to air the soil it keeps the tillers from digging to deep.:lol:

  6. hahahahaha
  7. No VTEC? What the hell are you trying to pull here?
  8. nah its single cam non-vtec

  9. :rlaugh: Slow reader :D
  10. man, someimtes i wonder what REAL life would be like , when i didnt have some much time on my hands ;)

  11. Sounds like that Honda they were working on on Horsepower TV...
  12. My Honda pressure washer thinks your Honda tiller is cool.
  13. Why thank you, ill pass the message on ;)