My DIY turbo kit is underway...PICS!!!...AGAIN!!!

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  1. On to the cold side...

    This is how the two turbo's come together before the intercooler





    And on to the intercooler...







    And the turbo drain (sence been updated with welded bungs & push-loc hose & fittings...


    You can see my old oil feed setup in this image. I've sence tapped the main logg and switched to push-loc fittings for a cleaner look.



    And here is the latest pic I have of the setup...again, it's now a bit cleaner and has an updated oil feed and drain setup.


    Here is the dyno results...


    And the link to a few of my latest vids...
  2. :cheers: congrats on finishing it!
  3. Hell yeah man, very nice work. I love how you put it together without cutting up the inner fenders. Well done :nice:

    I would try to make a sheetmetal heat shield to go between the intake plumbing and the passenger size turbo...that's pretty close.
  4. Thanks! I really wanted to get it together without hacking anything up...and I think it turned out alright! :nice:

    Surprisingly, the intake tube adjacent to the exhaust blanket doesn't get that hot. Between the blanket, the small air gap and the wrap on the cold side it seems to be just fine.
  5. Yep... it was something that really got me looking at twins long before I started my build. I am using just stock t3's....and evenutally I should have no problems laying down 10 second timeslips of my own (on a 302 instead of a 351 however). :nice:
  6. you just need to get two T3/T4 hybrids and a built aftermarket block and you'll really be rippin it up.
  7. Aftermarket block being the key word. :nice:

    Really though, my exhuast housings are too I'll swap em out for their .63 counterparts which will give me the top end charge my cam needs. The broader h/p torque curve should help my current combo out just that much more.
  8. :drool:

    Looks really good:nice:
  9. first thing ! being a welder i can say your welds are terrible ! you should have gotten a welder to do it for you! second where the hell are you building this thing in chicken coup with a dirt floor? all this being said if your doing and building to the best of your capabilities then good for you! hope it turns out the way you want! but judging by the pics of the car and stuff with that turbo you might just rip that car in half!! with the horse power and torque your making!
  10. While my welds may not be perfect...they are quite functional. The only thing that a professional welder would have given me would have been a few more hours of my time and an empty wallet. This is the whole point of a DIY turbo project...and the budget is always high on the priority.

    It's so far been 3 years since those pictures and the welds have been holding just fine. It just so happens that the worst welds were the ones with the close up pics (I was adjusting wire feed...and yes, this was my first weld job) while the best are the least visible. While looking at the engine compartment however, you will see no they have been either all ground down, wrapped with header wrap...or both. I'm not sure why your concerned with me welding on a dirt (actually pea stone) floor. There was virtually no dust from it...and it's not like I was painting the damn thing.

    Keep in mind...again, this was done 3 years ago, and it has handled daily driver abuse as well as dragstrip and dyno runs.
  11. This coming from the man with the sweetest tail lights known to mankind. At least his car was put together in good taste. :shrug:
  12. So how much money would you say you have in this?
  13. If your talking just the turbo kit as you see it (including then MAF and 42lb Injectors)...under $2k ($1700 range). I have a bit more into it now with the new oil feed and drain setup...along with the turbo blankets and a few other misc items (figure add another $250).

  14. Damn thats alot less than the supercharger im about to bolt on, and probably wont yield near the results, bravo! Wish i had the place and time to build a turbo kit, id be all over that. Too bad they wont let you do too much work where I'm at... Keep it up.

  15. Thanks! I feel for all those with strict requirements and or testing. It kind of takes the hot-rodding out of hot-rodding. :(
  16. great project man!

    I am about to start my diy single with a Holset H1E and a blow-thru carb, I hope it puts down close to what yours makes. :D
  17. Yeah no kiddin' bro. I don't any emissions rules due to the fact my cars registered in GA, but their just isnt a whole lot of space on base here to work on your car and they wont let you have a "deadlined" car here for more than X amount of time, but hell, a blower will work for now, F-it. Again, Keep up the good work, I'm sure ill copycat your setup soon enough.

  18. Let the man without sin cast the first stone. Jirkoff.
  19. DoublePost.