My DIY turbo kit is underway...PICS!!!...AGAIN!!!

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by millhouse, Apr 5, 2005.

  1. What gears are you running?
  2. 3.27's
  3. The key thing to remeber is CFM...8-psi at 400 cfms x2 is different than 8psi at 1000cfm's.....
  4. Is there a place online that i can pick up those turbo manifolds? I'm putting alot of thought into trying a blow through/ carberated twin turbo setup on my car now. And great job on the fabbing this has gave me confidince to takle a dyi setup myself.
  6. my 2.3T is running a holley 450DP on 22psi (at the moment) blowthru carbs require ALOT!!! of mods more than just swaping jets. alot of metering block mods...but they DO!!! work...ill be in the 10's this season.
  7. I was gonna run a Demon Blow thru carb. How thirsty do they get cause i would still like to run this thing on the street a couple of days a week.
  8. I haven't heard good things about their blow-thru specific carbs.

    There are plenty of good specialists out there . . . CSU is definitely one.
  9. after all the mods i made...did it myself through research on the running 99 jets in the rear which is puting it at 9.4AFR WOT at 22psi which is insanly rich...11.5 is where you want a boosted car to be at AFR wise. I have weeks of test and tune and one head gasket into it so far...once i get the AFR closer to mid 11's it should pick up a decent amount of hp...and be closer to high 11's low 12's in the quarter mile at 22 psi...and in the 10's with 28-30 PSI......And i havnt even hooked up my methanol injection kit on the car yet......
  10. Thanks man for the warning on the Demons. I was wondering exactly what have you heard on the Holley Commander 950 mpfi set up?:OT:
  11. Nice Job in my opinion! How reliable has this set up been for you? I have been looking at a Hellion as well as B&G turbo kits, but diy twins would be nice. How difficult was getting the tuning down?
  12. With the exception of a few self induced hiccups, it's been extremely reliable. Hell, I daily drove it during the summer 2 years ago (70miles round trip).

    Getting the tuning down really wasn't as bad as most make it out to be. It took me a bit longer as I had no-one to drive while I tuned....making every process a hair longer. None the less, it's one aspect I wanted to I refused to take it to a tuner every time I decided to modify things.
  13. damn i really want a turbo now. but im going to go single when i do it then upgrade to two later. really good job man.
  14. Very nice job man. I already wanted to swap my nitrous for a turbo but I really want to now. Problem is though I'm running way too much compression for forced induction. Just have to wait until I build my next motor.
  15. Still a great project . . . I just finished mine up about two weeks ago and popped an 8548 because it overboosted (15psi @ 3000 with a 9psi spring).

    Have a 2-step yet?
  16. Thanks guys!

    As for the 2-step,'s hooked up and activated with the clutch pedal switch. I haven't been to the track yet with it functioning hopefully sometime this year I can improve my numbers. :nice:
  17. Looks good but I see you dont have a intercooler, now I know Jack shisz about turbo's but I thought it was always best to have one?

    Can you explain why you dont, and how hard it would be to add one. Just because I want to make one!

    Wait I just re-read the whole thing and now I see it
  18. :D

    With my boost levels (~8lbs)...I probably don't even need it though, as the compressed air isn't nearly as hot as it would be if I were running say......14lbs. Regardless, it just keeps the IAT's that much cooler....allowing a more aggresive yet still very safe tune.
  19. Wow am i ever glad i came across this thread! I just started my twin turbo build on my 94, im using turbo coupe parts as well, but instead of the T3's, im using the IHI's from 87-88, still 7# i think. The only thing i did different is made exhaust elbow flanges instead of modding the cast elbows, and i may be running an intercooler. It sure is nice seing someone go through the work so i have something to look forward to. Nice notch, great job:nice:

    oops, just noticed how old this thread is, oh well, its still awesome!