My door doesn't wan't to open then It's uner 32* outside

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by BlackFox5.0, Dec 4, 2003.

  1. Only my drivers side door does this, whats stopping it from opening? When I unlock the car (keyless entry) I can hear only the passenger side door unlock, so i try to unlock the drivers door with my key, I can turn it to the right to lock it, but not to the left to unlock it......also if i go inside, and try to open it with the handle, it feels like the rods in side are just bending, what could be causing this? I don't think it's the lock actuator....if I try inlocking/locking the doors with the power lock buton, it will come unstuck after a while, i am thinking it's the latching mechanism maybe?
  2. it's a pretty common problem, if you force it too much it'll break the handle. i've never bothered looking into a fix though
  3. I'm talking about the inside handle, not the outside one....
  4. ahhhh it'll still be the rod/lock mechanism that's causing the problems. the only real way to fix it is pull the door panel and take a look
  5. I hate doing that, so I'm trying to avoid that, just checking to see if anyone knwos the problem so I know where it is....
  6. i hear'll have to do it eventually but perhaps someone with experience, or rather someone that took the time to figure out the problem instead of just dealing with it like me
  7. I had the same exact problem earlier this year. Its the door latch. Just buy a new one from 50resto and you might as well install a new actuator as well. You'll be good to then. The latch is tricky to install because you have such little room to work with but it is very straight forward. Took me about an hour or so to replace mine. Good luck
  8. The latch meaning the part that grabs the stricker when you close the door, right? I've got another one of those on the notch I am parting thats not a problem, does it bolt in, or is it riveted in?
  9. I had that problem.

    It's not the latch, it's the door lock actuator, a piece of crap part that, when voltage is applied, locks and unlocks the door automatically. When it freezes (and is old), the thing starts to sieze up, And since it won't move, you can't unlock the door. Total PITA.

    Luckily, a bunch of places sell them. Mustangs Unlimited have them for $54

  10. I have an extra one, this is the only time I have problems with it, when its cold, i could change it, but in the cold, i'll probably snap the tabs that hold it to the door....