My Dream Stang.......

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  1. Well I had a lot of time on my hands the other day, so with the power of photshop (wasnt someone else on here asking about photoshop?) and google image search, I was able to make a composite picture of my dream stang:
    Click Here!!

    I've got my 93 convertible with the wings west dominator body kit,chrome bullit wheels, cobra R wing, 2.3 badge on the fender, styling bar,and theres even a sparco racing seat thrown in there.:nice: There are of course some emblems including the superman logo (I already had a superman color scheme , so I felt that the logo was appropriate). I'm working on an interior pic with autometer lunar gauges + gauge pods, my grant challenger steering wheel, and some other misc. gear. I am also gonna start working on an engine pic! Ideas???:shrug:

  2. im sure a few ricers would have some suggestions...
  3. I don't know about the wing, or the superman emblem...
  4. Hey now, dont be raggin on my dream! I can admit it looks a bit like its 'rice-injected', but the wing is 100% FoMOCo:nice:....and you cant go wrong with the man of steel!:flag:
  5. Horses/Mustangs don't go well with the man of steel.
  6. Hey, its better than a big, cheesy horse decal on the back window....:rlaugh:
  7. ohhh siiit yo that siit off da hissle!! yo..
  8. You're joking right?
  9. um, no. no it's not.

  10. LOL!That baby is gonna win some shows!
  11. You could probably pull the theme off, if you threw about 40 to 50 G's into the car, putting it mostly into gauges, rims, paint, chrome suspension pieces,

    and some neon lighting.........