My dyno results!

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  1. I'd like to start off by thanking everyone at DynoSpeed Racing and MT!!

    So I drove 150 miles to Dyno Speed Racing located in Memphis, TN to run on their Dynojet and get a tune from an SCT Xcalibrator 2. When we got there we did a pull in 4th gear and the car put down 257.49 HP and 284.81 TQ and the A/F line was right below 15 (ouch!). We they loaded up the tune through the Xcal 2 and the car cooled and we were ready for the next run. When he shifted to 4th it acted like there was no 4th gear, the car didnt respond to it at all. It would let you shift into 4th but you could have the pedal all the way down and nothing. So they talked to SCT, messed around with the tune, and tried again. Same results. So they loaded the stock tune, even worse results. Thankfully it threw a code and it was traced back to the TPS (I knew that thing would cause me problems). It was bad so we ran to Ford to pick up another and all was well again. The final run put down 270.77 HP and 306.68 TQ. I'm happy with the numbers because I predicted 270, A/F was right around 13. Attached is the dyno graph and a pic of my car :) The blue lines are from the first run with the stock tune, red is with SCT Xcal 2 tune. All mods are listed in my sig.

    here is the stock run video: clicky

    here's what your car sounds like when 4th gear doesn't work :): clicky 2


  2. nice numbers
  3. I need longtubes and a tune....nice numbers man
  4. Sweet #s & sound. You, like I, need cams. Especially you with LTs...
  5. Christiesled Do *YOU* have an SCT X-2 Calibrator? ...and the dynospeed shop calibrated your car with your SCT? Or do you not have one at all, and they just tuned and installted the tune on you car with THEIR SCT X2?

    I thought the SCT X2 doesn't do hp improvement tunes? :shrug: Thats what their add says anyway.

    Nice numbers by the way, your getting up to stock 99-01 Cobra range :nice:
  6. Wow, great numbers. :nice:

    Whata race? :D
  7. I had to buy the SCT Xcal2 and they tuned my car with it, because as far as I know it still locks to your car. You can pull codes from all Ford cars with it, but I think it'll only tune on the car it locks too. As far as the hp improvements go, it could be because I was running lean and my engine was starving for gas, he bumped up the fuel 20% and put my A/F where they say optimal HP is made :shrug: thanks for the compliemt! now to find a stock one to race me lol

    and NO! posm6s im too skurred to race that truck lol
  8. [​IMG]

    ^^ i love it!!
  9. the only mods you have are whats in your sig?? Those #'s seem kinda high for a non cammed car............Anyways, Nice #'s regardless! :nice:
  10. yes sir! the tune helped out a lot i think. how much do cams usually give?
  11. depends on the setup, but I have seen as much as 30-35 rwhp on a N/A 4.6 2 valve setup.
  12. I think most might say around 30 hp. :shrug: You'll spend alot of $$$$ on them, including springs if you get a big enough cam.

    What you need is gears.:drool: :hail2: Adding gears to what you have now will make one pissed pony. :D
  13. what are you running for timing now?
  14. BlkSteeda01 Got like 33rwhp from his VT Stage 1 Cams, and i'm getting the Stage 2s come fall :nice:

    By the way christiesledd what made you get the SCT X-2 over the Diablo Predator? I am deciding between the 2 at the moment. I wish I had the cash to buy them both! lol Did you change the settings/tune yourself for your car with that SCT X2?

    What IF you did have the Diablo Pred, would that dyno speed shop you went to NOT be able to tune your car then?

    Also Christiesledd, you might want to start thinking about bigger injectors (24#) soon, since your putting down some good numbers. The stock 99/01 Cobras have 320hp with 24# injectors, and your alomst at that i'd say. So with maybe 10 more hp, you might want to think about bigger injectors as you approach the 320+hp ranges. My guesstimate would be that that stock 19# are good up to about 320hp.

    EDIT 2:
    How many tunes does that SCT X2 Hold? I know the Diablo holds the stock tune, then Diablos modified tune, and then one slot for your own custom one. What does the SCT X2 hold? Does it come with any tunes on it like the diablo?
  15. I'll do cams one day, but only if I get another daily driver for work only :(

    The SCT Xcal2 can do all the stuff the DSP can do, but I looked around on forums and checked the gains people were getting and how popular it was, and SCT just looked like the better option to me.

    the shop is a dealer for SCT products.. they would not and could not tune with Diablo's stuff. The guys who own the shop have very nice cobras and they use SCT on their cars and thats what they recommend. I talked to them about Diablo and they said SCT is just the way to go.

    Thanks for the info! I'll keep that in mind but the next mod on my list is gears.. probably 3.73s or maybe 4.10s, haven't made up my mind yet. I'll probably also do U/D pullies and then save for a nice cam setup (like i said before thats if i get another car for a daily driver which i could do very cheaply) and ill definately buy some then if not sooner :)

    The manual says it holds 3 tunes, the way it worked is this.. Dynospeed loaded the custom tune they made for my car into program 1, they then hooked up the sct2 to my car and began loading the tune onto the car, when this took place it pulled the stock tune onto the tuner. it does not come with custom tunes from sct as far as i know because i believe the person you buy them from are the ones that are suppose to supply you with the tune. i believe modular depot is giving 2 tuens with theirs. other places are only doing 1. the only tune i got was the custom tune they made for me that they tested on my car on the dyno.. thats really the only tune i need for now.

    I hope I answered all your questions :)
  16. What else do they do besides dyno runs, or is that all they do?
  17. they sell parts and do all kinds of installs and all the goodies you can think of
  18. how much did it cost you for the dyno tune cause I am about 3 hours from there and I would definetly drive there to get a dyno tune.