My dyno results!

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by csledd, Jun 16, 2005.

  1. $375 for SCT Xcalibrator 2
    $150 for tune
    $90 dyno rental fee

    not bad :nice:
  2. Nice numbers Christie! I'm going to the dyno myself tomorrow for a few runs and a tune!
  3. you better post up your numbers then! :D The dyno tune made the car feel so much better.. i love it :)

    btw.. where you going to get it done?
  4. InTune Motorsports in Charleston, TN. It's about an hour or so away. I hope I can tell a difference after my tune -- and I will definitely post up my numbers by next Monday at least!
  5. Christie how many runs do you get for $90
  6. I did 4 runs I believe, it wasn't a set number of runs.. basically as many as it took to get the tune right :)
  7. I thought 03's came with 21 lb injectors? If so, I don't think you'll need to change them out yet.
  8. I didn't know 21lb injectors existed :scratch:
  9. Neither did I.

    16lbs aren't they?
  10. Great #'s. :nice: Hopefully one day I'll get to spend some dough on some decent tunes/parts/mods but for now, I'm kind of stuck in stock '98 world. At least the gears aren't though.
  11. Nice #s. Get those cams LOL. Well maybe gears first. And since your getting cams and a beater, go with the 4.10s. I am usually a die hard 3.73 guy but thats because this is my DD and I already have a car that does 3K at 55MPH LOL. Cams will extend your power band quite a bit and 4.10s will be a good choice. I wouldnt recommend shifting over 6400RPMs though, alot of people shift at 6500 with cams and alot of those have spun bearings. FWI I will shift at 6250 when my cams arrive just to be safe. :nice:

  12. No the GTs have 19lb Injectors, the Cobras (99/01) have 24#. The NEW 03/04 Cobras I believe have 36# (correct??) and you can upgrade then to 42# and 56# and I think the next level is like 83lb injectors.

  13. The GTs redline is 5800, how are you guys shifting at 6500 RPMS?? :scratch: How are you getting past the rev-limiter? Is it even safe to shift that high with new cams in a GT?

    I want to get stage 2 cams from VT, are you saying that after they are installed I can change my shifting to like 6300-6500 RPM?? (instead of 5500ish)
  14. An SCT-4 banck eleminates my limiter (been to 6600ish in a burnout at the track LOL). And yes, with the stg 2s the best shift point is around 6500RPMs+, but no its not safe....alot over at modulardepot have spun bearings shifting at 6500. Stg 1s best shift point is around 6300RPMs for the most part. Unless you have a built engine, you really cant use ALL of the power of the stg-2 cams safely...a head/cam combo on the stock SB is really useless LOL, you PROBABLY SHOULD shift darn near or at 7K with that combo, but it also depends on which combo you go with. Anyways right now I shift at 5800RPMs, anywhere past that and the power dropps. You can also get the limiter taken out when you get your car dyno tuned after the cam install. I personally am going to have my tuner set my limiter to 6500RPMs (I asked mustangtuning to "KEEP" my limiter when I ordered the chip :rolleyes: ...but nope :lol: ) to eleminate going too high.
  15. What octane gas are you using?

    That is a great setup. :nice: I will have one like it minus the CAI and throttle body.

    What type of gas are you using?

  16. 21Lbs

    I don't know about other years but 2003 definately have 21 lbs injectors i have had to prove this many times. that and i drive a 2003 and it has pink injectors wich are 21 lbs. do a search you will find out that i am right. :D
  17. the Cobras have 39lb injectors I believe. the 03-04GT have 21lb'ers from what I've read.. they are pink tops.
  18. I sure hope the guy working the computer had earplugs! :p
  19. the tune is for 93 octane gas so that is what i run (the higher octane is a lot better because they can adjust the timing more, i believe)

  20. yanno I realized the other day that I was focusing too much on the max numbers and when I started looking at my power pand (cuz i knew it felt a lot stronger down low) theres some areas where I gained (well not really gained but i guess beefed up the low end) a little less than 60 RWTQ and like 40 RWHP, and btw the car is idling absolutely perfect now.. it did jump a little but its dead on where it should be and it just feels fantastic. i freakin love tuning!