My dyno results!

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  1. Hey christie just got some free time and watched your dyno run. Car sounds real strong and the exhaust note is :drool:. What kind of CB/weldins are you running? (dont remeber seeing anything in your sig) EDIT nevermind LOL, steeda huh, man sounds good. :nice:
  2. steeda aka borla :)
  3. Running 93 huh? I hope you got some left overs in your deep pockets since 93 is like 22 cents higher than 87(I think).

    Greedy gas companies. :nonono:
  4. it only ends up being like 2-5 extra bucks each time i fill up.. what im waiting to see is how fast it goes down since i should be using 20% more fuel lol
  5. No, that should only be at WOT. you will most likely see an increase in gas milage. I just checked mine again and got 22.9. not to shabby i guess.
  6. I *DO* remember the fact that in 03 or 04 they did upgrade the GT injectors to 21. said yours are pink???? Mine are pink, and I have a 2002... :scratch: Maybe late model 2002 have 21lbs also? :shrug: I dontknow when my car was made though, but why do I have pink 21lb injectors then? ...ASSUMING pink =21 lb.
  7. You lucky, the best I get is 14 with easy highway miles. :(
  8. from what i understand from other stangers 99-2001 1/2 they used a certain engine i belive romeo then, in 2001 1/2 till 2004 they started using windsor engines wich took the 21lbs injectors. so yeah i think if you have a 2002 then you would have 21 pound injectors. on the engine thing its either or they used romeo then windsor or they used windsor then romeo really dont feel like looking it up but on the injector thing im sure im right on.
  9. That would make sense, because I definately have pink injectors...its just a matter of "does pink = 21lb?" And from what im hearing here it does. So your theory would make sense.

    ...and I THINK the windors came out 1st in 99-2001 then late 2001+ are hte Romeo engines... Im not 100% on that either
  10. One more time
    Prove it! I've got to see this one.........
  11. 270/306 is pretty damned good for a non-cammed, bolt-on stang.

    My auto only put down 216/250 before getting blown; and I seriously doubt an o/f midpipe/longtube headers combo would make it even close to that.

    Looks like you have a strong runner there. :nice:
  12. thanks! like i said i was very happy with my results

    im hoping to do cams in the future also.. we'll see cuz the 4.10s and rear end is coming first :)
  13. Back from the dead! LOL. Hey, did you ever get it down to the 1/4 track?
  14. lol nope.. got rained out. but ill be doing the 4.10s in a week and am also getting a hold of a trailer :) so ill be making a visit soon enough
  15. So your going to trailer your Stang to the track? :scratch:
  16. yup, we were driving 2 cars everywhere to begin with (transporting the DRs, floor jack, cooler, etc) so it'll be a lot cheaper to just trailer it, plus its less miles on the car and less gas $$! :D oh and if something breaks it wont be stuck cuz every track is at least an 1 hour away
  17. You transport your DRs, a fan (i assume for cooldown between runs?), and a floor jack? :shrug: When I run my DRs, I just bolted them up at the house and drove the 80miles on to the track, let PSI to 21, and ran it (no cool down)....then drove back withem at 21PSI. Drove my dads 00 V6 that next day (5AM) to work. But yea I understand the breakage thing. I was under the impression that the DRs were your DD tires. :shrug:
  18. nope, the drs are on seperate rims.. dont drive with them on because its over 100 mile trip and we would just rather not put all that wear on them because i bought them for track only :)

    i just got some daytona hr's for pretty cheap and they look pretty good, i seem to get a lot of compliments on them
  19. Awsome. Please tell me you bought some 275/50/15s like the ones on my 66. The 15s are lighter and definatly help through the 1/4. :) next time to teh track I think i will mount them again and see if I can best the 13.5 I ran with the 66 pound per tire/rim DDs. Oh and I bet you will love those 4.10s, and be sure to post a write up. :) You ought to see a nice drop in 60's with those. I was also pulling 2.0 and 2.1 60' on my drs with stock gears, 3.73s with regular tires (285s) resulted in that 1.90. It helps a BUNCH.
  20. So, any plans on going back to Bowling Green?