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Discussion in '2005 - 2009 Specific Tech' started by TicketMeRed05GT, Dec 3, 2004.

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  1. Well just send the letter when you hit 30 days and enjoy your new car.

    Let me suggest you get an 05 GTO.

  2. Actually, I think that the MOST hits came to 250,000 on where the punk mechanic tool a joyride in a lady's 03 Cobra. 140+ miles per hours bragging and he EVEN posted her license plate number - how stupid can one kid be...
  3. It's Christmas!!! Update on My Engine is Out of My Car

    More to follow when we have completed the deal, but let's just say that Ford has done the right thing.

    One special note: Larry Hill Ford has been upfront and honest throughout this entire deal. Sometimes they did not have info that I wanted to hear, but I would highly recommend them.

    Thanks for your support!

    TicketMeRed05GT :D :D :D
  4. Do I need to change your name to ticketmeblack05?
  5. Hopefully you are going to tell us they are giving you a new Mustang? :nice: Now that would be great news and definitely regain my confidence in Ford (the '05 Mustang will be my first Ford vehicle...).

    Glad your ordeal is ending on a positive! :banana:
  6. No...the TicketMeRed05GT name remains. :D
  7. Then are they going to give you a Cammer 5.0 to drop in it?
  8. :drool: Oh man, thinking of that thing gives me a :banana:
  9. Well, we are all waiting to hear the good news! Cant wait to hear the deal...
  10. TicketMeRed06Mach1? early release for the hassle you went through?
  11. Leaving us hanging there bud!

    Here's hoping she's shiny and brand new...bumper to bumper. :nice:
  12. subscribing. I have followed this from the beginning. I want to hear the good news.
  13. Hey Red, way to leave us with "blue [email protected]!!5"! You could have at least given us a better hint....LOL
  14. Buying and brand new 05 GT and getting a used/scratched/rebuit GT sounds like ground for a lawsuit. I hope for Ford's sake the RIGHT people here about this and either refund EVERY RED CENT including tax or build you a new car.
  15. Looks like Ike is beating up Tina again.
  16. dammit!!! :fuss: tell us!!!!!!!!!! i hope they got you a brand new GT :mad:
  17. Have any of you people ever owned a Mustang before?

    Or have you just jumped on the "05 I gotta have the new design before my neighbors get it band wagon"

    It's a new car. New platform, new engine. It's going to have issues.

    And how many of you stupid ****s paid dealer mark up?

    this should be great if you actually admit paying it.
  18. Badsnke,
    You sound like your an employee of fords. Just because he has no legal recourse at this point does not make it right for ford to treat this situation so lax. They should have someone high up notify him of whats going on with his car, not just the dealer. If ford wants to find out whats wrong with the engine than finemore power to them but there is no reason to make ticketmered wait so they can figure out why they screwed up. Even if they dont replace the car they should have a new engine in there as soon as possible so their customer stays happy. This is whats wrong with major businesses today, once they make the sale they can care less about the customer. That doesn't change the fact that it's wrong. Just because ford's warranty doesn't say they can't give him a new car or new engine doesn't mean they shouldn't! They should do whatever it takes to make their customers happy because it will benefit them in the long run. So what if in the future he decides to sell his car and is in the market to purchase a new one? What if he so happens to have his choices narrowed down to some new ford car or lets say a foreign one. That's when he will remember how ford treated him here and probably (at least I would) choose the other car just because their service sucks. If we don't stand up for ourselves then the car companies will contintue to treat us like crap.
  19. Klay, may I call you Klay?

    Klay, ford NEVER takes customer issues seriously.

    If you have ever been a Mustang owner, which i doubt you have, you would have known this by now.

    Until you know this, keep wandering on cloud 9 when you think you are special when your 05 goes into service again and again.

    Oh, and write the mielage down IN FRONT of the tech and or service manager.

    And inspect the rear 1.4 panels for rubber as well as your tires.
  20. Klay, if it makes any differents to you. I do not work for Ford or any of the auto manufacturers. Reread my post. However I did sleep at a Holiday Inn a few times in my life.

    I only refer to the real remedies from experience and questioning employees. Not what I or someone thinks it should be, because that is only an opinon. And there is no sense to getting ones skirt blown out of whack for no reason.

    In reguards to some of your concerns, there is a chain of command, the big guy is not there to listen to or deal with us, just the way it is understand? For the rest of it refer to what I and Bob Cosby said in above posts.

    You guys have no idea how the factory can drag out the time and still avoid the lemon laws 30 day time frame within the Federal law. And even how many different times an engine or any major muti-part, part can be replaced for nonrecurring issues and not come under lemon laws. Also it is not their goal to enlongate the repair time for the customer.

    Untill TicketmeredGT says things have really headed south, this moving along in a timely maner. TicketmeredGT will make his own decision after the dust settles down. And so will the guy with the foreign car, you see?

    You want to stand together for something? Lets all just stay home until everyone who is capable of and desires full time gainfull employment has it with all the full bennys, needed for real quality of family life. Oh yah and cut out all these high muti-million dollar jobs. That is the real bs in America.
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