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Discussion in '2005 - 2009 Specific Tech' started by TicketMeRed05GT, Dec 3, 2004.

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  1. I just browsed this thread. If the dealer doesn't work with you to get the issue fully resolved to your satisfaction ask for the "Dispute Settlement Board" paperwork.

    I had my 2003 SVT Focus bought back recently and it was all because of the dispute board and the fact that Ford has no quality in so many of their vehicles.

    Good Luck.

    EDIT: I see you know about the dispute settlement board. Return things in the timely fashion that they require and you'll make progress. They wanted my initial acceptance of their offer back within 14 days of the letter date. I had three days to get it back to them since I was also out of town.

    If you wanna know about my issues e-mail me since I never check this board except for quality issues like yours. [email protected]
  2. Well I'm glad it got taken care of, Ford service has taken care of me so far. Even though it took 6+ months.
  3. Hope you got a new car. Anything less, and im beating your ass and crashing my car into the first ricer I find.
  4. TicketMeRed-

    Here's another source you can try, if you haven't already:

    Dave Marchand-Coordinator
    Ford Mustang/Thunderbird Club Center

    If you need it-I have Bill Ford's office address :fuss:
  5. Let me start out by saying that I am the customer service manager of a large retailer. I understand the costs involved in replacing products or repairing them per the warranty. I mean no offense to ANYONE. And I'm not trying to start a flame war. I think it sucks that his brand new $25K car is broken done and out of use. I think he should be compensated for his inconvenience and taken care of properly

    I've been following this topic from day one.I have not read every single post, maybe someone has already said this. and I'm sure that I don't know ALL of the details.

    I know that all of you would want a new car, but what he bought was a new car with a warranty. the warranty is provided to fix the car in an event such as this. I know that he did nothing to cause it (otherwise it wouldn't even be covered) but he is not entitled to a new car. If you think so, you are only working to raise the price of future cars for yourself and everyone else. If I was in the same position, I too, would want a new car, but I know that I wouldn't be entitled to it.

    What if he had had the car for a month, six months or a year? would you still think he deserves a new one? This is a $25K car, not a $100 item. Ford is not yet turning a profit on these cars, and you want them to take a $25K hit for a random phenomenon? They are going to make it right. Hopefully that is by fixing/replacing the motor, not the entire car.

    I have to deal with customers with a mentality like this every day, and it's rediculous. I have a customer who bought and A/C for his boat 2 years ago. it has a 3 year warranty. the compressor has gone bad, and he wants and entire new unit with a full 3 year warranty. That is obsurd!! he'll get a repaired/replaced compressor, that is it.

    TicketMeRed, I hope you take no offense to this, the important thing is that you are being taken care of, even though it sucks that it's taken this long.
  6. What he said. looks like things are working out for you, and I'm glad the dealer has been upfront and honest. Most are - some aren't.

    Best of luck.
  7. Sounds like you are getting paid to keep your mouth shut. Please tell me I'm wrong.
  8. I don't think it is outside the realm of possibility that Ford would just cough up a new car. At this stage of the game, while GT's are still flowing off the lots as fast as they arrive, it would not involve a serious financial hit at all, certainly not $25k. They could probably do it without losing one cent -- as long as the dealer does the work, and it does not get bought back by Ford as a lemon, they can just turn around and sell it as a very low mileage used car, and probably get as much as they would get for a new one.

    Although I tend to agree that it does not seem likely that is the route they would choose (who knows, though -- maybe they don't like the attention its getting online :shrug: ). I'm guessing they will just drop in a nice brand new motor, have the car detailed, and throw in an extended warranty for the hassle.

  9. You're wrong. It sounds like he's getting a deal to compensate him for his trouble, which is what any normal person would expect in this case. You're not happy about it because now you can't slam Ford. So now you've decided to slam Ticket and accuse him of taking a payoff. I guess you just aren't happy unless your stirring up arguments, are you troll?
  10. How long has your car been in the shop? I would try and a get new car under "lemon" laws. I personally wouldn't be satisfied without getting a new car or an extended warranty.
  11. 30AnnivStang Glad to see you come forward about the mentality of a lot of the replies to what people think a manufacture should do under warranty. I too have posted in the other threads by TicketMeRed05GT on this engine replacement in reguards to the obsurbed posts.

    People throw in their opinons and run off topic not knowing all the facters. Replaceing the engine is all that is required. Anything else provided by the dealership or Ford, as the loaner vehicle for one, is careing about their customer. I have said all along that they are working to make things right, it just may not happen yesterday and as extreme as some would like to think.

    Those people that have no knowledge to begin with and then find out its not as they think it should be, perfer to slam the manufactures written policies, which in turn really shows their complete ignorance.

    TicketMeRed05GT Hope you come out of this ordeal knowing you were treated fairly by Ford and your dealership whatever it may be. And you regain the enjoyment of the 05 GT.
  12. Keeping an "apples to apples" comparison (this 2005 Mustang is not 2 years into its 3 year warranty), I guess if someone bought a new A/C from you in, say, May, and they brought it home (or in this case, to their boat), and it immediately had compressor failure, you would tell them "there is a warranty and you will get a repaired/replaced compressor, that is it"...

    A good store would exchange the A/C for a new one.

    A great store would exchange the A/C for a new one, and give the customer a few filters (or something) too for their trouble.
  13. When the car has been in the shop for longer than he's been able to drive it, that's pretty ridiculous.

    At least he got it resolved.
  15. i would rag the hell out of that explorer if i were you
  16. now hold the phone a damn second here.

    you are telling me that the valves are sticking? Sticking open? Freak accident? valves don't just stick open. Is the guide fuxored, is it bent, whats the spring look like? roller follower still in place?

    basically you are telling us that his car did not jump timing so you are essentially lying to him.

    its pretty easy to see if a valve is sticking when rotating the motor without the vc on.

    it should have taken all of 20 minutes after getting the covers off.

    pull the head, see if the piston is damaged and get him a new motor.

    it doesn't take that long to get this figured out.
  17. hell they have givin you a lot of probs that i would be sue them...or tell them they owe u a saleen....(05)
  18. I'd be pissed. Hell, you payed top dollar for the car to be one of the first to own one and now its in the shop indefinately with everyone making excuses. Seriously, whether or not they replace the engine, even if it ran great after the motor is replaced or repaired, if I was looking at your car used and ran a carfax that showed this thing had major probs right from the get go, I probably would not buy it. Its like buying a house that has had sinkhole damaged and been fixed, there is a stigmatism about buying something like that. Basically your car will depreciate faster than any other '05 that has not been damaged on top of the fact that you paid top dollar for it in the first place.

    Everyone is saying how not to buy the first year production run of any car because of probs like this but hell, lets be honest, they never even got the fox platform right (especially when the 4.6 motors started going in them). My buddy has an '04 Mach 1 and its been a nightmare. He's not alone, several guys he knows through clubs or whatnot with newer GT's, Mach's, or Cobra's have had a ludicrous amount of problems. Much like you they keep getting the runaround from the dealerships. I'd push to get my money back and by something else altogether. I wish Mustangs still had 302's in them.
  19. What a joke! That's the trouble with people these days - crooked to the core! This poor guy spent $25K on what should be a dream car, and it's no big deal cos it aint a $100K car??? What? I got a shirt from Macy's with a rip in it. Took it back, got a new one (it wasn't a $100K shirt, in case you're wondering why I got such high-end treatment from the store!)

    Comparing a BRAND SPANKING NEW much-heralded newely-revamped flagship launch vehicle to someone's two year old, broken-down compressor is beyond laughable. Then to complain Ford isn't making a profit on it's defective product is compounding the joke.

    This was a good-faith purchase which has utterly failed to deliver. Any other product WOULD be exchanged (who DOESN'T see this as fair - the one you bought is broken, here's a new one?), but most other industries aren't as reviled as the motor industry, and on evidence, righlty so!

    I agree, the warranty DOES have it's place (and I've got a 05 Mustang GT, so of course I'll be exercising my warranty on the problems I've found so far - gas tank and ****ter 500 CD player), but this guy deserves a new car, a year of gas and free wash-n-wash for life!
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