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Discussion in '2005 - 2009 Specific Tech' started by TicketMeRed05GT, Dec 3, 2004.

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  1. What a joke! That's the trouble with people these days - crooked to the core! This poor guy spent $25K on what should be a dream car, and it's no big deal cos it aint a $100K car??? What? I got a shirt from Macy's with a rip in it. Took it back, got a new one (it wasn't a $100K shirt, in case you're wondering why I got such high-end treatment from the store!)

    Comparing a BRAND SPANKING NEW much-heralded newely-revamped flagship launch vehicle to someone's two year old, broken-down compressor is beyond laughable. Then to complain Ford isn't making a profit on it's defective product is compounding the joke.

    This was a good-faith purchase which has utterly failed to deliver. Any other product WOULD be exchanged (who DOESN'T see this as fair - the one you bought is broken, here's a new one?), but most other industries aren't as reviled as the motor industry, and on evidence, righlty so!

    I agree, the warranty DOES have it's place (and I've got a 05 Mustang GT, so of course I'll be exercising my warranty on the problems I've found so far - gas tank and ****ter 500 CD player), but this guy deserves a new car, a year of gas and free wash-n-wax for life!
  2. You are comparing a shirt that was most likely made for $1.34 somewhere we never heard of and sold in a local department store for whatever $. First off why would anyone buy a shirt with a rip. Doesn't matter, or did someone cause the rip and therefore you returned it. Anyway, so they gave you a new one and still made money. Great!

    I disagree because the compressor in the A/C should have a life minium of ten years, and could go up to 40 years. Also that is the engine of the A/C unit. Therefore I do not see as a joke. Just as two years old a failure.

    Mustang is not the flagship, the 500 is.

    The engine failed and Ford is replaceing with a new one. Like your shirt. Just not as simple and fast to do.

    Hope you get your GT warranty issues resolved fairly and a free oil change for your trouble.
  3. Jon Jon,
    I'm not saying that it's not ridiculous, as a matter of fact, i said it sucks. what is ridiculous is the notion that he should get a brand new car. Not that if it was offered to me I wouldn't take it, but it shouldn't be expected.

    Opinions are like A-holes, and just like everyone elses, mine stinks, I can deal with that.

    Celtic Stanger,
    I think you misunderstood. I said $100 item. If he had bought a pair of Oakleys and the broke the next day, he should get new ones The cost to Oakley is like 3 bucks. but a $25K or $100K item, the cost is way too high to replace the whole thing.

    And the problem with people these days IS that they are crooked to the core. People want something for nothing. I'm sure the right way is somewhere in between my opinion and all of the something-for-nothings.

    And I'm not COMPLAINING that they aren't making a profit yet, just stating a fact. And this compressor is a $2k compressor attached to a $10K A/C. I guess I should have said this. Sorry.

    Opinions are like A-holes, and just like everyone elses, mine stinks, I can deal with that.


    The good store IS going to replace the whole freakin' A/C, because that's what my customer expects, but the point is, he shouldn't expect it. He is instisting on a new one, and it will drive up the price on everything my company and other companies like mine sell, and that sucks for everyone. And, in a way, this is apples to apples, this is the Mercedes of boat A/C at $10K, that's more than a lot of peoples cars are worth, so if anything this is better than the Mustang.

    Opinions are like A-holes, and just like everyone elses, mine stinks, I can deal with that.

    The bottom line is that I hope he get's taken care of and is happy, I just hope that expectations have not been set too high.
  4. This could single handedly be the dumbest thread ever.

    The guy said they took care of him. He feels better about it. He has not stated exactly HOW it was taken care of, so you all assume he is still being screwed?

    Why don't you all take you Pamprin and wait to see what the outcome is before you get your panties all wadded up?
  5. 30 anniv, you're right, my bad. Too much pent up rage at dealer to take the time to read your original post (other issues in addition to my minor defects).

    Extracting foot from mouth...
  6. The thread this year about the kid who ran into a house with his WRX hit 350,000 and the one with the kid with the srt and the oil hit over 100,000. Ah, good memories.
  7. Anyone have the link to the WRX thread...I never saw it.
  8. It got shut down because it killed the server :(
  9. um i'm pretty sure the story about the kid sleeping with his mother on some german website got like 500000000000 hits
  10. I was trying to keep it car related :(
  11. Interesting... :cheers:
  12. But why should he take a loss (car being taken apart, rebuild of brand new parts) 6 days after buying a new car? The car will never be the same after it's been in so many parts. If they want to play doctor on it and figure out the problem, they shouldn't do it on his car or with his time.

    And yeah, always a good opinion quote :)
  13. let's hear an update already :damnit:
  14. Well I'm glad your happy. However, whoever said it is too expensive to replace a car is crazy. For one, the car does not cost even close to 25k to make. I don't know exactly but it's probably closer to 10k or less (keep in mind its massed produced, i dont want to hear the engine alone cost 4k blah blah). So they give him a new car, hes happy and probably will always buy fords because of it. They take his original car and find out what the problem is and fix it. Then they sell it as a used car for say 19k. They are still making money but just not as much. Plus, the car broke down what after 2 weeks? If it had been a few months than ya i would agree and say a new engine or fixing the engine would be all he's entitled too. But 2 weeks is ridiculous. Anyways, I would like to hear what they ended up doing for you. Must have been good if you are happy.
  15. Sorry for the delay in posting, but I had to wait until the deal was done. As some of you have surely guessed, I have my new car on order. I get mine back with the new engine until the new one arrives. (Maybe the end of Jan or early Feb) I ordered the exact car as mine.

    Like I said, sorry for the delay. Thanks to everyone for the support. This has been some kind of ordeal. On the good side, I get my car back for Christmas. If you don't think I am excited, hang your GT keys up for about three weeks and see if you don't want to take it for a spin.

    Merry Christmas and thanks to the Ford Family.

  16. Good to hear. :nice:
  17. That is excellent news...congratulations! Your "don't lose your cool" approach paid off. Nice to see Ford made things right...I had a feeling they would! :banana: :banana:

  18. Pssssh... :rolleyes:

    Try living in Wisconsin and hanging up your keys for 3 months every year.. :p

    On a serious note though, I am glad everything worked out for you.. :nice:
  19. Wow, finally :nice:
  20. I'm very impressed (and somewhat surprised) that Ford is giving you a brand new car. However, it works out well for you, and in the end, likely for Ford too.

    Congrats, and best of luck to you.
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