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Discussion in '2005 - 2009 Specific Tech' started by TicketMeRed05GT, Dec 3, 2004.

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  1. It's more than 3 months in Wisconsin!!! (Milwaukee area) :mad:
  2. Yes it is, look forward to seeng you guys on the street with those new 05's.. :nice: I'm in Milwaukee too.
  3. You might not be able to or might not want to share, which is cool, but I am wondering if this is a straight up trade. You hand them the broke/fixed car, they hand you a new mustang? Hope so.

    Would anyone buy the fixed car off the used car lot? Hmmm... guess the dealer has to inform the potential buyer of the issues the car had. Caveat Emptor.
  4. Glad to see FORD finally do things right.
    I am waiting for the vert, however, my wife is interested in the new Freestyle. I was nervous about buying something so radically new, but, if FORD is willing to stand behind their product, I probably am going to pick one up.
  5. Many congrats Dude.

    Glad to see common sense prevail.

    Regardless of laws, warrantees etc...common sense says... a guy that picks up his brand new, totally redesigned ride...drives it a few days, for a few hundred miles and then gets some mystery engine problem that knowone can really identify...GETS A BRAND NEW CAR to replace the flawed one.

    Good on you...good on the dealer...good on Ford.

    Merry Christmas Bud! :nice: :nice: :nice:
  6. Wow, glad it worked out! Most of us new this was the only acceptable solution.

  7. No but I used to work at a store before. It doesnt make sense to send out your brand new dvd player the first day because it didint work, nor the first three weeks. If the player broke, then you go to the store and get it replaced. But once those 30 days or 90 days, depending on the store, are up, and you bought an extended warranty, then you send it out to get it repaired. If its brand new and it fails on you, then I want one that works, not repaired because it most likely gonna be a moneypit in the future.
  8. Audi and their coil packs
  9. Hey TicketMeRed...This is fantastic news. I would like to publicly apoligize to the Ford Motor Co. for my earlier post in this thread. I will now buy a NEW 05' GT in the spring. Please forgive me for ever questioning the integerty of my beloved "Ford Motor Co." I am eating a huge slice of Humble Pie as I write this. Thank's for doing the right thing Ford. I think there are a few others that have posted in this thread that also need to apoligize for the mean spirited things that were written.
  10. Great News

    I'm happy for you also. I'm glad Ford stepped up and did the right thing.

    Way to go Ford. The good-will you get by doing this will be much more than the money you will lose. I along with a couple of friends are considering getting new Mustangs. We were waiting to see how this turned out before finalizing the deals.
  11. Smart move Ford and that's saying something, large companys usually get caught up in red tape and don't do the right thing. This info will reep rewards many times over for Ford. Good job Ford!
  12. excellent news!

    That's great to hear! I wonder if the attention this thread got helped any..

    Hey I'd buy the engine replaced car if they cut me a sweet deal. It's like a house that's been struck by lightning. It's been pre-disastered.
  13. Whew. This is really good to hear. I was very concerned this was going to turn out badly.

    :nice: Ford
  14. Awesome news, good to see Ford stepping up to the plate and making this right. This is truly the only way you will never have any "worries" about the car, and you'll be happy. I am sure this post did help. I know a lot of Ford execs and you'd be surprised how much this stuff gets around the offices in Dearborn.

    Now, Ticket, here's the most important part: I KNOW that as a good stanger, you told them that you'd only be happy with a new mustang AND the inside scoop on 07 Cobra specs to share with us all right?........ Right?........... Right?

    Hahahahahahahaha. :rlaugh:

    Merrry Christmas and happy holidays to all you Stangers out there and your families!

  15. Great news man, I'm really happy for you
    I'm glad ford did this for you, it definately has renewed any faith i lost in them

    well what a good christmas gift huh :D
  16. Great news! It restores my faith in Ford somewhat.
  17. "FANTASTIC", :banana: , I hope it was the ending you were looking for, I am not so sure that the right thing was done, Almost a month, of you being stressed over an issue that could have been resolve by that District Manager, within the first week. I still say he was the one making this a problem, not trying to offer a solution. I think after you get your reward for your troubles, you continue on to see where the issues were. But for you Ticket me Red, I am glad your ordeal is over, so lets band together for the next one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  18. My 05 Black GT is having this same problem. I bought it at COVERT FORD in Austin, Texas and it has approximately 12,000 miles on it now. The car was at idle, it surged and died. An engine light came on and it started to idle rough. I took it in and they said it was the coil and spark plug in one cylinder. They replaced the coil and plug without success. Next, they thought it was a valve sticking so they replaced the valves and the valve springs. That didnt work. Next, they got on the "FORD HOTLINE" and tried several things without luck. And now Ford is overnighting a new head.

    My service guy told me that they still dont know what the problem is. That they havent seen this on the 05 GTs before. And that Ford wasnt sure what the problem was either.

    I had not seen this thread so I took them at their word. Now after doing research on defective cylinder heads I found the article on about the stop ship order regarding 05 3V 4.6l engines and the fact that at least one other car has been replaced for the exact same defect. AND THEY ACTED LIKE THEY DIDNT KNOW???

    I am not happy with them just replacing the head. I will not accept that. I will not accept a new engine either. The car's value will be irreparably damaged and diminished.

    I am a trial lawyer and will not hesitate to file a lawsuit against Ford if they fail to take care of this situation. I want the car bought back or a replacement car. This was a known defect before the cars were shipped and its obvious that their inspections were not thorough enough. I am not willing to accept the loss of value to my car due to their mistake.

    Let me be real clear. I do not want to file suit against Ford. I want to work this out with Ford and Covert Ford and have them either buy back the car or replace it with a new one. I would much rather get this done with respect and courtesy than forcing them through a lawsuit. But I will not accept anything less than a buyback or replacement. This was a manufacturing defect. One that they knew about and failed to catch.

    Hopefully they will do the right thing and replace the car.

    IS ANYONE ELSE HAVING THIS PROBLEM? Maybe a class action might be necessary... I hope not but it looks like they had to file one over problems with some truck heads.

    I spoke to the Dealer's Customer Relations Manager and he is helping me and has been wonderful. They put me in a Ford 500 to drive while this issue is resolved. I will say it again. I want to work this out amicably. I love my car and want to keep it forever. But i will not accept anything less than a replacement car or a buy back.

    With this being a known problem before any cars were shipped, I cant imagine Ford not stepping up and doing the right thing.

    I will keep you guys updated on a new thread. Also, if you have any suggestions or ideas about who to contact and how to go about getting a buy back or replacement vehicle let me know. Im always open to new ideas.

    Thanks in advance,


  19. Start by checking the lemon laws in your State.

    One other car and one more that happens to be yours. Your a trial Lawyer? Does that make you special? And you rant like this based on a nine month old post and the jackasses at BON. I would never hire you on my behalf period.

    Nobody owes you a new car just because the engine has a problem. They owe you a working engine period. You already have 12,000 miles on the vehicle, what loss of value? Only in your mind. You may endup with a new engine and 0 miles on it.

    I had the engine replaced in a Lincoln LS at 11,000 miles. Point being it made no difference at all. Just 11,OOO less miles on the engine than on the vehicle.

    They already put you in car, that is not a part warranty on a Mustang.

    Chill out, you will never know difference once the car is repaired, whatever it takes.
  20. No I dont think Im special because Im a trial lawyer. I posted the information in this thread for a reason. Think about it.

    Thanks for your input. But I disagree.
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