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Discussion in '2005 - 2009 Specific Tech' started by TicketMeRed05GT, Dec 3, 2004.

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  1. Sorry to hear of your problem... But stay firm and don't let them bs you. By the way where did you get your 05?

  2. I two have been a service writer for a Ford dealership and agree with the above statement remain calm and let them know if its not what you want to hear, the chance of getting the car replaced is slim to none- but a engine replacment is not far fetched.Good luck.
  3. burn that mother

    that will fix the problem. sorry for your trouble

  4. Yea, but Lincolns come with loaner cars for any service you have, Fords do not.

  5. Where do you live? Where i come from you get a loaner period. As long as it has factory warrenty. :shrug:
  6. I think some of us posting here are overeacting a little bit. My self I would expect a new engine, and I dont see how that could apper negative on a carfax report. I would be very surprised if you got the dealership to "buy" the car back, I dont see that happening unless our two ex service writers think you have a chance at that. What ever happens it wont cost you anything,you should drive a loaner car, and it certainly must be a one time fluke, I havnt heard of anything like this on any of the site I read on.
  7. I am a 7 year cert tech from ford, i agree with the 2 service writers on be calm but firm, try to deal with service manager and area rep. push for a new motor,under 5000 mls you will get a 'loaded' new motor off the assembleline this is a complete engine with all new wiring and sensors. just plug in and go. this is your best option. trust me they will not by back a car after 1st repair it takes many, i mean many 10-13 before they even consider this option. push for a new motor this is your best option in my opinion.
  8. I had some issues with my 4.6 in a 2002 Crown Vic- gasket leaks, including the head gasket. They went out of their way to repair, including free loaner, etc. But the car had 30K+ on it when the problem occured. They told me at that time they were replacing engines for "any internal" problem if the car has less than 12K.

    I don't think they will replace the car- but I would expect them to replace the engine. That's also reasonable, IMO. I would definately NOT accept a repair, though.
  9. My 05 GT Engine is out of the car!

    This is an update on what a GT looks like on a roll back wrecker. The car has been at the dealer for 7 out of the 16 days I have owned it, and from the picture...well you can see the state of my engine. Ford said they will not replace the car flat out. Period. No option. The second thing is trying to get a factory engine instead of rebuilding the old one. Don't know what they will do yet. Apparently it takes more than a week to figure out what to do with a broken engine. (The car computer said it jumped time while idling at around 900 rpm. No I was not hot rodding.)

    The last thing I did before I left the dealer tonight, was to ask them for a price to trade this one for a new black one sitting on the lot. They said they would get back to me...

    And yes, this still sucks.

  10. Sorry for my stupidity ... What exactly do you mean by "jumped time"?
  11. ....
    i would tell them to hurry the **** up or get a lawyer involved. that is ridiculous to buy a car and have it in the shop for that amount of time.

  12. The computer reported that the timing between the crank and the right bank of cylinders was incorrect. That is bad because it indicates a mechanical malfunction; ie. bad timing chain, sprocket, etc. The car would barely run at all. It failed compression tests on two of the four cylinders on the right bank. The bad part is that when the dealer took the engine apart and looked at piston travel, valve train, and heads they found no problems. This is their first repair for an 05 GT. Ford will not replace an engine that has no problem, so I am screwed until Ford and the dealer work out what was wrong. Trust me on this one; I think I am being quite patient waiting seven days and still having no definate answer on when I get my car back. Please jump in if you think otherwise. Most I talk through with this problem tell me to "demand" resolution. What I am discovering about the Ford customer satisfaction slogan is it does not mention "only if it suits Ford". I don't want to get bitter, but this situation is about the worst ever from a new car experience.
  13. That would suck to pay for a car that's gonna be in the shop until they decide what to do. :( I would tell them to keep the damn thing if they stroke you much longer.
  14. You've definitely been patient, I'll say that much. I just got mine yesterday and it's going in the shop tomorrow for a rear-end problem (3 days old). Now I've started noticing the car freaks out a little engine-wise when intially stopping at a red light (sounds louder than normal, but within about 5-10 seconds it quiets back down). I'm really starting to wonder if that 72 month warranty I bought is going to come in handy (didn't want it to, but at least I'll have it after the factory warranty is up).
  15. If I were you I would check the lemon laws. I am pretty sure that if a dealer goes over 28 days without repairing the car you would be protected by the lemon law. You are already half way there.

  16. work out a deal for a forged shortblock?!?!
  17. You can be patient but I would call atleast once everyday.

    That is ridiculous. What if it was a daily driver? IS it your daily driver?

  18. i don't think the warranty quite does that
  19. The dealer has been good on this... they are paying for the rental. Ford of course. It is an 05 Explorer. Yes, it is my daily driver.

    It just sucks that Ford will not give any on this. Why should a customer have to wait for a repair just because Ford does not know why my engine died? Seems bad business to me.
  20. Yes, if they want to spend their time lollygagging, they should replace the engine with a new one and they can play with the broken one.
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