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Discussion in '2005 - 2009 Specific Tech' started by TicketMeRed05GT, Dec 3, 2004.

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  1. Agreed on checking for lemon laws.

    Also, although I'm sure there are some Ford corporate people lurking in this forum already, it might be a good idea to e-mail a link of a few of the threads you've started on this problem to Ford. I have no idea how many hits this forum gets every day but it has to be quite a few, and all the bad press this is causing has to be hurting them more than the cost of a new engine or possibly even just replacing the car.

    I would also speak with someone at the dealership or at Ford Mo. Co. about the fact that you're making payments on a car that is doing nothing but sitting in one of their service bays.

    If, in the end, you end up keeping this car and it gets repaired, I would pretty much demand an extended warranty.

    In your shoes, I'd be yelling and pulling out my hair at this point. :bang: Good luck!
  2. Got the title on the car last Tuesday. I don't have anything over Ford far as the response from Ford; The district rep called my home phone number today about 2 pm. I was not home and he got my answering machine only to say: 1. We review your problem. 2. Ford will repair your car as soon as possible. 3. Ford will not replace your car.

    He did not say sorry, leave his number for further contact, or basically anything. It did not leave me feeling that the Ford District Manager cared to have any further discussions on the matter. It leaves me feeling like a "problem" not a customer. I have purchased four Ford vehicles in the past five years. With this kind of service with a problem, I am not sure why.
  3. Obviously the Tennessee district of Ford doesn't value repeat customers. If I didn't like the car so much and I were in your position, I think I might just take my business to another manufacturer. I'm sure the district manager handles plenty of phone calls just like the one he gave you, but to not even apologize for the problem, much less leave contact information (if not his own, at least someone besides your dealership), is a downright horrible way to treat a customer. :nonono:
  4. They really need to just drop in a new crate motor (they definitely have a LOT at this point) and call it good. Then they can poke at the old engine at their leisure to figure out why it took a dump. If I were you, I would be screaming and generally throwing a temper tantrum, calling Bill Ford directly if I could :D. When my 98 Cobra spun a rod bearing at 26k miles, Ford had a new engine in the car and the keys in my hand one week after the bearing failure, so they can do it right if they want to (and that was a Cobra motor, which at the point when it failed was not available in large quantities).

    And also ... given that you only had the car for a week -- if that dealer has any inkling of customer service they'd trade you straight across for the black one.

  5. If they seem to stall the process any further, mention you are going to talk to a lawyer. Don't screw around, don't let them screw you around either.

    That's pretty unbelievable.
  6. Don't worry about this

    I know it sucks to wait for a car and then have it konk out on you in a couple of days. There is a field of statistics (survivorship analysis) that predicts this. The engineers at Ford will want to know why this happened and that will take some time.

    Ford does not want to screw you - there is no percentage in it

    An engine swap makes the mose sense so I dount a buy back is in the future unless you shut-up and run out the clock to the lemon law. Maybe the next engine may last 1 million miles (who knows)
  7. lemon law it
  8. When I first read about this engine failure, I thought, "how much nitrous did this guy use, and did he peg the rev limiter on the spray?" However, if the PCM says the engine failed at 900 rpm, then that's all Ford needs to know. It should be obvious to Ford that this is their engine's problem, not something caused by the customer. Ford needs to put in a new engine, and stand behind their product.
  9. lemon!!!

    what a bunch of crap. you need to speak to a lawyer at the very least.
  10. I kid you not...the engine never went over 4k for the first 500 to 600 miles. I did not hot rod the car. I plan / planned on keeping it forever. I would not try to beat it up while it is still being broken in. That would be stupid on my part. I have to think that Ford thinks I was jamming the thing from day one and is reluctant to give up the new engine.

    The problem is that the computer "captures the event" at 900 rpm and the dealer can find no mechanical defect.

    This still baffles me that I have to wait on my car until Ford is happy with what caused the engine to die. The customer does not come First. Ford does.
  11. That whole situation really pisses me off, and it's not even my car.
  12. Exactly, that is why you have to mention your intention of seeking legal advice. They may stop being dicks then.
  13. daughter agrees with you.
  14. :rlaugh: I dunno if that's meant to be funny or not, but the unexpectedness factor makes it funny to me.

    I work with a number of different car dealerships every day and while some of the dealerships treat customers wonderfully, others sell them vehicles and then treat them like crap when the deal is done. The greed of not spending a little bit of extra cash or not resolving a problem to keep the customer satisfied when something that is not the customer's fault happens to a vehicle - especially a new vehicle - eliminates a lot of repeat customers and even some new customers through word of mouth. I see it happen firsthand or hear it occurring over the phone a couple of times a month and I think hearing it happen so often so many different ways heightens the disgust factor for me.
  15. Well, if Ford does think that, who cares? The PCM supposedly captured "the event," clearing you of wrongdoing. You've been a LOT more patient that I would be, after this long of a wait, without a clear plan for resolution. I'd offer to Ford, "who cares what caused it; your high-tech computer says I didn't cause it, so replace my engine!"
  16. after this long i would be banging on my lawyers door. and let ford know that they will be called by the lawyer...I am a proud owner of a 05 GT Mustang and i have a lot of respect for Ford but i think they are sitting on your vehicle..
  17. well, some people say not to name a party in any situation online where litigation may become a possibility. it's slander or something...

    but I'm not a lawyer, that's just what other people have suggested. :shrug:
  18. No, simply sharing something I stumbled across.

    I tried but was not successful in my endeavors. :(

  19. I don't recall ever seeing anything of the sort.....

    DO YOU???

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