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Discussion in '2005 - 2009 Specific Tech' started by TicketMeRed05GT, Dec 3, 2004.

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  1. Let me say is my understanding that the dealer in this situation is at the mercy of Ford. Larry Hill is providing me with up to date information, a rental, and if nothing else sympathy for the situation. To bring any legal slander into the situation is a mute point at this time since my problem is not with my dealer, but rather with the Ford system in the sky. I guess if they chose too, they could pony up a car. Sorry for the pun. From the responses in these forums, I do feel justified in my position that this is becoming excessive. Other than visiting a lawyer, I don't feel I have any options in the situation. Opinions welcomed.
  2. Bring a lawyer into it. Hands down. Talk to the Zone or Region manager for Ford. Check for state lemon laws. Where I'm at, it'd only cost you $250 in attorneys fees to have an order to get your money back.
  3. Bad Variable Cam Drive??

    If one bank of cylinders is out of time with the crank, but not the other bank, that leads me to think it's a bad variable cam drive sprocket on one side. Maybe it's not moving correctly on command from the computer? Ford's lack of action on this implies they don't know what to do. Not good. Hope your situation gets better. Good luck and keep us advised.
  4. Write up a press release explaining the situation and Ford's disinterest in resolving the situation. Send it to the regional manager with a drop dead date on when you would like to have a resolution to the problem. If he doesn't meet your date or make a solid attempt at fixing the situation send the release out to your local news station. Most local stations have someone who does consumer advocacy type reports and might possibly take on the story. Those types usually take pleasure in bashing companies, and with the popularity of the Mustang right now as well as Ford's history in the news the situation may gather some attention.
  5. I was a Linc/Merc service writer for 11 years, I am sorry your having this trouble, i know it sucks but the only thing hiring a lawyer will do is get you a bill for legal fees. First off the dealer can only do what Ford tells them to do, because Ford is paying for the repair. Unless I mis-read your posts Ford is not blaming you, nor are they refusing to fix your car. So they are standing by their product, honoring their warranty and providing you with a loaner while your car is down, which they do not have to do per your warranty. So bottom line I know it sucks, and I would be pissed off too, but they are not doing anything wrong so a lawyer cannot help you. As far as a buy back, lemons laws vary from state to state but they usually involve multible failures over the course of a specified period or inabilaty to fix a problem after multible attemts. So check the laws in your state, to see if they applies but from what you posted they are not going to apply at this time.Now if they fix your engine and it happens again then that is a different ball game.
    I would be surprised if the fix your enine, I would think they would wnat you engine back to see what went wrong. Well i hope it works out, I know it takes the fun out of the car.
  6. too bad it didnt happen in the 1st 3 days. maybe im wrong but i would fuss and yell till either i had a new car or the law drags me away.
  7. It bad enough that they had to tear apart everyting under the hood. You should be demanding a new engine and if they refuse on that then you want a refund or trade for another new car. If they offer anything less then that get a lawyer. Any judge or person with comon sense would rule in your favor.
  8. Sorry for the news man. This is precisely the reason I chose my 40th anniversary coupe over the 05. I just wasn't sure how many bugs the 05's were going to have, and I did not want to deal with it. My buddy went through a lot of problems with his 03 Cobra(repeatedly bringing it into the shop for various problems). This just happens sometimes and although I really like the 05, I did not feel like waiting for the 05 I want and risking going through these problems. Plus, the dealer was charging MSRP on it and it would have been over 30k with extended warranty and taxes. I got an excellant deal on the 04(3000 in rebates, no money down) and had to take it. I really want a next generation Cobra anyways and was not going to be forced or pressured into buying something I was not sure about just because it is brand new. I have to see it proved that it is reliable through months and years of customer satisfaction without major problems, recalls, etc.

    As for your situation, TicketMeRed. I think Ford pretty much is doing everything right. They should however be nicer to you when you deal with them. They are providing a rental. My buddy got a crappy Focus, so I think you are doing alright with your Explorer. Sorry about your situation man, I wouldn't want my worst enemy to go through what my buddy went through. :nonono:

    Good luck man, and keep us posted.
  9. Call your state attorney generals office and file a complaint. Then get a lawyer involved. I wouldn't screw around with a repair. Either replace the car or get your money back.
  10. Sorry to hear about your misfortune. I guess I look at it differently, though. First, I do heartily encourage you to check into your local lemon law. However, Ford is not trying to screw you here - they are trying to understand what happened to your car. If it happens to yours it can happen to someone else's, and they need to know what broke, why, how it can be fixed, and how to ensure it won't happen again. Your experience could even lead to changes in manufacturing.

    I would be patient with Ford about fixing my car. However, at the same time, if it's going to take them a long time to sort out, they should simply replace it and fool with it on their own time. If they went beyond the statutory time period, I'd demand a replacement. Until then, try to enjoy the free Exploder.

    For what it's worth, the Arizona lemon law includes one provision for cumulative time in the shop. Say they give it back to you on day 29 and the problem isn't fixed. If you have to return it to the shop for another two days, the time period doesn't start over - you're at 31 days and they get the pleasure of buying your car back.
  11. I'd wait it out

    I'm with Svtpilot. Althought the situation sucks and you want your car, they are doing the right thing. They are providing a loaner, and a good one not beat up focus. As someone stated they don't have to under the base warrenty, but maybe you took the a optional warrenty that covers rental.

    I noticed your in OH, I'm in NY. I'd kinda be thinking, I'll beat on this explorer all winter if they let me and keep my car off the road, racking up no miles as long as I can.

    That said, unless they can prove to you what ever happened didn't damage your engine, I'd push for a new one. Using you patience as part of the reason and the more time that passes the stronger your argument gets.
  12. To me, that sounds contradicting. If they want to figure out what went wrong, don't deprive me of my $30k purchase. Just replace the engine and do your research on your own time. I don't WANT to drive a Explorer, if I wanted one, I woulda bought it. But that's just me :)

    I'd be at the dealership everyday insisting on the status and getting SOMEONE to do SOMETHING. :nonono:
  13. Good advice here.

    I used to work in a dealership selling cars and have had multiple run ins with dealership repair departments over the course of buying about 10 Ford vehicles. (You name it, I've probably owned it.)

    Svtpilot is right. Unless Ford refuses to fix the car (which isn't happening or going to happen) or unless the dealership refuses to fix the car (which isn't happening or going to happen) you have to wait it out. Usually, Lemon laws are based on attempts to fix a problem, not length of time it takes. I think here in bama it's a three strike deal. But I would check the lemon law in Ohio to see if there is a time provision. (Some have this, as the guy from AZ pointed out). That would save you in this deal. But it'll probably be something like 30-45 days if there is one. Odds are, you'll have your car back before then. (Especially since they already have it in peices on the shop floor).

    Stay away from the lawyer for now. (Generally good advice to stay away from lawyers period!) :D

    Also, be careful in what you say about a lawyer coming into this. I think it is considered harrassment if you threaten to sue someone in return for a favored outcome. You cannot walk around saying...I'm gonna sue you if you don't fix this. What you can say is that you'll need to talk to a lawyer before going any further. Not anything about suing. Just that you will talk to one. They can infer a lawsuit from that but you're not on the hook for threats. But that's just my 2 cents and I am not a lawyer by any means. Take it with a grain of salt.

    I like the advice given above. Put the wear and tear on their Explorer for as long as you can. Sucks to not have your ride but it is at least a consolation prize. Also, be nice and they may give you a new motor. But I don't think Ford is under contract through warrenty to have to replace the motor. They probably have the right to fix yours first and replace at their discretion. Read the warrenty. :notnice:

    Good luck and don't let this sway you from loving the stang. It's still a beautiful car and worth the trouble. You probably got a 4:30 on Friday manufactured car, that's all. :shrug:
  14. yeh that situation gets me irritated and its not my car. You will always have people like us saying what WE would do in that situation. But I agree with others and just mention that you are looking into legal advice. And if they dont budge then REALLY look into a lawyer. I hate to be the pessimistic type but this is why people say not to buy a first year car. Ford needs to work out the bugs and do it quick.
  15. You should ask them for a rebate on all the gas you're using in that gas guzzling SUV. Your Stang would get better mileage.
  16. Hang in there Ticket, it will all work out in the end. Good things happen to those who wait, and are patient.

    I can't believe that you won't eventually benefit from this, Ford doesn't want any bad publicity, nor does the dealer. I'm sure this is a high priority issue to them, although it doesn't seem like it sometimes.

    Heck, looks like it's gonna snow out your way in the next few days anyway. Enjoy the truck, keep the Muzzy out of the salt. ;)

    Just tell me to shut the @#$% up if you want to, but seriously you're better off being positive about the whole situation... :nice:
  17. Just do the State Attorney General complaint and get a lawyer. You paid for a new vehicle and you'll take it in the shorts if you have to sell it and disclose the engine has been replaced.

    Either get a new car or get your money back.
  18. Edit: just read some more posts and noticed this was kinda covered. Oh well....

    A different perspective. Your frustration is understandable and hell I agree with most of what has been posted here, however consider this. The dealer is providing you with a loaner, and so long as you have that loaner your transportation needs are being met. I am not a stang owner but do own another ford and had tranny problems twice, both of which required a week or more to repair. Since I didn't have an extended warranty the dealer refused to provide a loaner. Not providing a loaner for the first repair I understood though I didn't agree with. For the second repair(10 days) I didn't agree with considering the problem was probably caused by something incorrectly done during the first repair. Without the extended they refused any type of loaner.

    Though your loaner isn't your '05 at least you have transportation provided by the dealer and you can go about your daily needs. Don't get me wrong, I'd still be pissed and would be hounding them daily but at least some effort is being made to keep your routine normal. If you were paying for the loaner I wouldn't have bothered to post. I know plenty of folks who have been screwed around by ford myself included, but also by chevy, honda and others. Not saying it's acceptable but it seems to be par for the course.
  19. The delay is obviously on Ford Corporates end. Your dealers service department I am sure has sent a request to Ford about the problem and are awaiting disposition from Corporate as to what to do with your motor. I am positive that you will be getting a new motor (once the spare motors have entered into the Ford Parts Distribution System) in the meantime the dealer can not proceed with any repairs as this could be potentially the first mechanical error of this kind with the motor. I suspect they are flying a field engineering team or will be in the near future to go the the dealership and get some other readings off of your car and motor sensors. This is how they estabilish the TSA bulletins. A unique error has to be well documented and then checked for other causes before they can accurately produce the proper TSA repair procedures to ensure the problem will not become a re-occuring problem

    I would just wait, yes is sucks to be out your car but in the long run you will know that it has been addressed. If they simply send your dealer out a new motor and this motor has the same "defect" that your motor had, then when a few weeks go by and your "new" motor jumps time then you would have to go through this again. Maybe they will find that certain VIN motors produce on a given date range have a suspect ECU that freaks out and causes the adjustable timing to screw up... Could be a lot of things. Then even replacing your motor, if its truely the ECU that is at fault will mean that sometime in the future it could happen again, only this time you might be doing 80 or 90 on the highway, your motor locks up throwing you into a spin and crashing you off the side of the road into a tree. This is a potential liability that Ford will try to avoid at all costs if possible. Even if it means you have to drive a loaner for a couple of weeks.
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