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Discussion in '2005 - 2009 Specific Tech' started by TicketMeRed05GT, Dec 3, 2004.

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  1. Thanks for the clarification. It sure sounds like they are taking care of it!
  2. I cant help but feel sick for you and all this mess. I got to believe eventually here Ford has got to make this all right and get you a new car. If all else fails I would talk to a lawyer number one, and then the news, go public number two. I'm sure Ford will get you a new car rather than let this story go public.

    I have a new 05 0n oder and have been told I'll have it before new years. I first checked out the Nissan 350Z and the Mazda RX-8 nad would be driving the RX-8 except for the restyling of the 05. My family and particularly my wife all wanted me to get the Mazda as we already own 2 other Mazda's. My family all love the imports for quality and my wife will never buy another Ford, we got burned with a 86 Aerostar lemon. So needless to say I am realy going out on limb buying this 05 Mustang, and if it lets me down like your car has, It will be my last domestic, I'd go Mazda for sure.

    But like I said, I would try to be patient, continue to exhaust all routes with FOrd, then go public if you have.
  3. Whoa! there mr....TicketMeRed05GT here. I don't know who is posting on behalf of Larry Hill Ford, but that is more info than I have ever been briefed on. Let me restate this, I have no problems with the people at Larry Hill Ford. They are basically bound by what Ford will allow. The post is correct in that there is a new engine on the way.

    Back to the two issues at hand. 1. Get my car repaired to as new as possible. (A heart transplant is quite stressful on the car and is difficult for the owner as well.) 2. Discuss the matter with the Dispute Settlement Board. Should the owner of a car with less than 900 miles be asked to like the idea of his new car being rebuilt? Most people reading this thread think not. I would really love the idea of Bill Ford reading this and hearing his opinion of Quality and Customer Satisfaction. Lets see the forums make that happen.
    As the thread states...The saga continues.
  4. Absolutely appaling... you need to get higher Ford management on the phone, ASAP...
  5. I might be off base here but I would think Ford should have a policy where on a first year model, any major defects from the factory (like the engine completely failing within a week) should warrent that the car is immediately purchased back by Ford and sent straight to the Ford engineers for examination (before dealerships can screw up the evidence).

    If it can happen once, it will definately happen again when we're talking about hundreds of thousands of cars being produced.

  6. :bs:

    i worked at Ford in the shop too buddy. Dont tell me there isnt any damage to that car. I knew the thinking of EVERYONE in the shop......."just another ass customer." and the all important way everyone treated customers vehicles "its not my car"

    He didnt pay for a brand new car with an engine transplant and scatches. If you really are from Hill, im sure the car is at the body shop right now trying to hide the scratches and other signs of "repair." this man deserves a brand new GT, not some fixed POS lemon. If i were in his shoes, i would not accept the car back no matter what. I would also take my business to another Ford dealer so I wouldnt have to put up with your crappy customer care. I would hate to take my car to your dealership for warrenty work or repairs :notnice:

    what you idiots should have done was get him a new GT, and sent the car off, or had one of the corporate Ford techs come look at the car and figure out what was wrong with it ON THE DEALERSHIPS TIME!!!. why the hell did you morons pull the engine and start disassembling it BEFORE you knew what was wrong with it? Im sure you guys just wanted to get some time on the 05 and learn about it. you should have waited for all the tools necessary to diagnose the problem to come it and ran all the tests before you pulled the engine and took it apart (on your own time while your customer was off in a new GT).

  7. I had a '97 Grand Cherokee replaced, at no cost to me, after about 3-4 trips back to the dealer to fix a drivetrain vibration. About the third visit, I got a call from my salesman and he said "come on in, lets sign some papers and send you out in a new truck." It took some complaining, but it happened.

    My bro just had a '04 RX-8 Lemon lawed. Mazda wouldn't make good after about the 15th day or so that it sat out of service because the entire AC system was taken out because they couldn't figure out why it wouldn't work. He asked for a new car and they said "no, we will fix it". On the 29th day the Zone manager called and told him he could come in for new RX-8. He declined and told them to stick it. Too little, too late. He got all his money back and bought something else.

    As much as I hate to say it, Chrysler actually did it right. I would work with them again. I doubt my Bro will ever buy another Mazda..................
  8. ...

    OK I think almost everyone is over reacting here. It isn't like this guy bought a brand new car, drove it for a week, had the engine give out through no fault of his own, and been without his "brand new" car ever since, before eventually getting a rebuild in everyone relax. Oh wait a minute...That IS EXACTLY what is happening here!

    I cannot fathom how someone with any sort of clout at Ford has not heard about this and rectified the situation. If there was every a time when Ford should unload a brand new Mustang off of a freight truck in front of someone's house, apologize profusely while handing them the keys it would now.

    Think of it this way...before purchasing this brand new car if the buyer had asked the dealer "Hey, if the engine of this car gives out in the first week I own it would you force me to use a rental for weeks while mauling the car before eventually giving it back as rebuild"? What do you think the dealer would say? He would laugh and say..."That is the most absurd thing I have ever heard of course we wouldn't do that"! Yet...this is what is happening?

    What really sucks about this is the situation could have been so easily rectified in the first place. Mr. Profound Patience could have immediately received a brand new Mustang (plus a sincere apology for the trouble), while the dealership drops a new motor in the busted car and sells the car with full disclosure.

    What a shame.
  9. Yea the person that can get you a new car at the snap of a finger is the dealership manager. He will not because he is unsure of ford honoring the warranty so the replacement will come out of his P&L statement, which is the factor in determining his BONUS CHECK. he could order you a new engine at the expense of his dealership and THEN WAIT ON FORD TO HONOR THE WARRANTY. He is a greedy manager just like 95% of store managers out there are. I managed a local radio shack and a woman came in with a cellular phone that was IN WARRANTY, but i was unsure of the manufacturer covering the damage, I swapped her phone out then waited on them to credit me for the price of the new phone. YOU WILL REAP WHAT YOU SEW! If you ever buy a ford again DON'T BUY FROM THAT DEALERSHIP! And encourage everyone in your community not to buy from them either. HE CAN FIX YOUR PROBLEM, only he is not willing to jepordize his fiscal year ending bonus check and his family's summer vacation next year. also remember fiscal years end in january, it's pretty close...
  10. One Word........

  11. You need a lawyer now. I am sorry but I think it is stupid to not fight back for what is worth by allowing them to scratch your vehicle and rebuild/replace the motor in your new vehicle. Either fight back or take it up the ass, thats your choice. Sorry to be aggressive but I'm telling you exactly how I feel.
  12. For whoever's looking at this from FORD:

    Mr. West deserves nothing less than a complete buyback including price for TT&L on the car that is sitting in some service bay at Larry Hill. Nobody wants a brand new car with that much work already performed on it. I would say he deserves an even trade for a different, brand new '05 GT Mustang, but at this point, I wouldn't want a Ford if I were in his shoes.

    The '05 Mustang was the first Ford vehicle I've ever been seriously interested in purchasing. I won't be able to afford one until '06, however, so there will be plenty of time to change my mind. I've received wonderful customer service in the past from Toyota and Chrysler, but other vehicles I look at pale in comparison to the exterior design and overall value for the price of the new Mustang.

    However, after consulting with friends and family members about the way other manufacturers have treated them, this type of behavior - especially the delay and the absurd runaround of the customer not being able to speak directly with a higher power in Ford Motor Company - is unheard of and shocking. That said, this situation has made me think twice about something I was sure of a month ago.

    Help Mr. West and replace his vehicle, if he'll accept another Ford. Help to earn back the respect and new customers you've almost or already lost that have been following the forum threads on his Mustang.

    Alex S.

  13. As obviously stated so many times before, you cannot allow this dealership, or Ford, or a combination of both to have any influence in your final decision. New Car, or money back, whether done by a lawyer or not. This sort of thing is inexcusable and leaves the door wide open for this dealership to be completely run-out. Damage or not on the engine bay of the car, a rebuilt engine should NEVER be allowed to be put in a 900 mile old car, it's absolutely ludicrous. I really feel for ya man, and hope that everything works out exactly the way it should, cause I love my mustang, and I want everyone to love their mustangs as well.
  14. I for one am interested in an update as to what's happening w/ his car... While I'm a GM loyalist at heart, I'll always be an American company supporter, and I can't image Ford doing this to a customer. To echo what everyone else has said here...

    Get a lawyer
    Contact your local news

    Make this VERY public. In Lexington, KY, there was a man that bought a brand new intrepid (I think was the make), needless to say, he had lots and lots of transmission problems, and the dodge dealership just kept jerking his chain. He ended up parking the car in the city owned grass portion across from the dealership with a big sign on the car that said "I BOUGHT THIS LEMON FROM HERE"... He went and moved the car everyday so it wouldn't get towed.

    After 5 days of that car sitting there, he had a new vehicle in his driveway. Drastic situations require drastic measures. Take care of your business, don't fart around waiting for them to make the next move. It's your money, your investment, and most importantly, your TIME.
  15. I think you guys are taking this engine failure much too personal. They are replacing with a new engine not a rebuilt one. Factory warranty is from the first mile of ownership thru the next 35,999 miles. Nothing states that the vehicle will be replaced within X miles. Unfortunately **** happens at any given time. It is not a lemon as of this event. If this vehicle is going to be driven daily, it makes no differences with in-trade in or resale. Just a very bad start to a new relationship.

    So it is taking a little longer than we would like and there is some back stepping, what else is new. First new vehicle here? Their all man made and repaired. Somebodies Brother, Sister, Mom or Dad screwed up, what? What was the last thing(s) you did wrong? Get my point. They are providing a loaner vehicle, that is not part of warranty.

    I do not like seeing this happening to a new vehicle, especially the 05 Mustang. It is not the first time and is not the last either. I feel for the owner from my own experince. We had an engine replaced at 9K in an 01 LS. It took two weeks and as far as the replacement engine it was fine and so was everything else with the R/R thru the 46K we had it.

    If there was a swap out even up for a other new vehicle who is going to pay the States Sales Tax on it? State only sees it as a vehicle sold period. And that same Sales Tax will be payed again when the vehicle in question here would be sold again. Sure would make the State happy. And don't say Ford, that was not my point here.
  16. I completely disagre. Ford has an obligation to keep their customers satisfied with their vehicle. If a customer is treated this poorly, not only civil action should be taken, but the head honcho's at Ford should be notified and an investigation should be implemented to figure out the inherent problem in the system of repairs at FoMoCo. Automakers should become a micromanaged system, where almost every employee has a supervisor/manager to make sure tha all is being done to the best of the employee/companies ability. There should be no reason or excuse for this sort of behavior. As someone stated earlier, if he would have asked the dealer in advance of purchasing his mustang that they would have given him this lackluster runaround, they would have laughed in his face and told thim that would never happen. And a new vehicle is supposed to be new until the driver/owner or another driver does some sort of damage to the vehicle, not the dealer. The engine compartment damage completely defaces the value of the car, and if he had to sell it sometime because of some extreme financial burden, his resale value would be out the ass. Ford owes him a new car, no questions asked.
  17. Ticketme REd I really feel for you. This situation is ridiculous. Makes me lose alot of faith in Ford.
  18. Absolutely correct on all counts. I was in the process of negotiating on a new Mustang when this fiasco started. I stopped those negotiations awaiting the outcome of this situation. My initial worry was from a mechanical standpoint...wondering if this was to be a recurring engine problem. After following this thread, I now feel that the problem is far more significant than a mechanical failure. In my mind, it has now become a coporate failure with Ford showing complete disregard for the customer.

    I have owned ten Ford vehicles since 1963 (5 of them being Mustangs); but any brand loyalty that I might have had is certainly lessened by the apparent lack of concern shown by Ford in this instance.

    I'm not absolutely certain that I'm going to jump ship; but I have scheduled a test drive for tomorrow in a 2005 Pontiac GTO.
  19. Look at this as an opportunity...

    Ever since I got this 05 M GT, I have been fantasizing about working the motor.

    Tell them you'll take the car back only if you can work a deal on the core and have fun! If you're a really tough customer, you might get a supercharger thrown in too...

    She's no virgin that's for sure...

    Even before reading this tale of woe, I wasn't gonna bring mine in for service until 5000 miles or on the back of a flatbed like know these guys are just learning at your expense.

    The stealer, I mean dealer, should eat this car.
  20. You're not serious are you? Ford throw in a supercharger, dude, that's just sheer ignorance on your part. They may give him a new car, they may pay him back for what he bought the car for, but by NO means will they give him a supercharger. You need to learn how major automotive corporations work man, cause thats idiocy and ignorance at it's best.
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