My experience with On3Performance

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  1. I had the time on monday the 22nd to install it and i just wanted to give my thoughts on the kit and service from on3.

    received on thursday 3/18 did a inspection of all the parts. Everything looked great no major defects. Go done going through all the boxes and was like where the hell is my bov and wastegate?? After searching again i had determined they where MIA. I also recieved a note is the box saying that my Injectors and maf will be there in 2 days, not a big deal.

    Friday 3/19 I call Mike at on3, he says that he might have forgot to pack the wastegate and bov and that he will send them out with the maf and injectors when he gets the maf in stock on tuesday. Again not an issue.

    Monday 3/22 the install begins. I get off work pick up the parts and some tools and drive to my shop. Get there around 6 30 pm. Me and a buddy worked non stop untill 2 am and got all the piping ran and the turbo mounted. I had previously done some of the small steps to make the install easier. I had the maf bung welded to the intake pipe, i extended the o2 sensor ( On my 2000 i ended up not needing to do this so i just have extra wire now) and I had put my mmr oil pan on the previous tuesday (this has a oil drain back already).

    I know alot of people question the quality and fitment of this kit, while i can not attest to the overall quality of the kit, the initial quality is A+. As far as fitment goes WE HAD NO ISSUES what so ever, weather it be v band issues or pipe fitment we had none. While i have yet to start the car to see if there will be leaks i have a feeling there will not be any issues. The kit also call for the use of a granatelli k member I used an AJE k member with 0 clearance issues.

    There were two things not mentioned in the instructions (or that i at least did not see) that involve the inter cooler. We initially just put the power steering cooler lines like the stock setup (through the rad support) and then mounted the inter cooler in accordance with the pipes as mentioned in the instructions. I did not like how low this set up was and ended up moving the cooler lines out side of the support. The second thing was that there is a support from the bottom of the rad. support up to the hood latch area that we overlooked, but with the removal of that and moving the lines i was able to get the inter cooler up at least another 2.5"

    As of right now my oil pan is still the lowest part of my car, but barely

    Hope this helps some one in the decision process. Any questions, thoughts or comments welcome
  2. you definitely have something unique there , keep us posted :)
  3. If I could do it all over again I think I would have went with the On3 kit myself. Cant wait to see some numbers and maybe a vid.:nice:
  4. I was going to try the turbo On3 performance route but, I found a used D1sc procharger complete kit that I just couldn't past up. Glad to here your project going so well. I have to say I love the jet sound of the procharger tho!!!!
  5. i went that route i had some problems with the owner chad at on3 but other than that the kit is great my car has been finished for one week now i am getting it tuned on wesnday as of right now it is running 8 pounds of boost and it is fast as hell

    the kit is diffently worth it:nice:
  6. Glad to see that the project came through for you. Keep us updated with numbers