My explorer motor/gt40p buildup and drop into 86gt Vert PICS!!!

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by v8only, Sep 27, 2005.

  1. that blows. That's the chance we take with any used engine. Glad you've apparently got it all together. IMO, I know more "soccer moms" who ignorantly change their oil at jiffy lube intervals of 3k, then those who ignorantly do not at all.

    maybe it's me, but I'd rather have an ex soccer mom engine than a likely previously abused 5.0 mustang engine.

    6 of one half a dozen of the other.
  2. there are super short plugs i believe made by autolite and you can buy 90* angle spark plug wires as well as little aluminum insulating sleeves to keep you from burning the wires, i have a friend who uses this combo and uses normal bbk headers on his gt40p heads no probs, every car is different though, i have seen cars with long tubes that looked ok and others that had enormous craters smashed in the tubes to get the plugs to clear so be careful about what you buy!
  3. not sure on the autolite, but accel does make a shorty plug for such applications. Heck though surely everyone is like myself and have many spare parts around the house they could sell and buy the correct headers! :rolleyes:
  4. Here are some updated pics.

    This is a repeat for a lot of the guys on the other boards, but not for many who only browse this board.

    Got my upper back from the polishers, set me back $150 for the work you see.

    Right now, I'm reading up on TMoss's explorer throttle body mod, as I need to do that. next i'll be polishing the accessory brackets, and a 3g alternator, then switching over to the engine bay to clean that up. First though, I'm going to get it running,



  5. very nice!
  6. Thanks!! BTW, sent u an email about my explorer throttle body, Jeremy
  7. Gonna polish the TB too?
  8. Not to hijack but does the F/S class allow for bigger cams? I'm guessing yes since you put a different one in. Also, what else is allow? All suspension work? Any help would be great as I'm considering running in this class. Nice job on the engine V8. I know of a j/y that has one, but they want 600 bucks for it :(
  9. Factory Stock requires factory cams or cams with factory specs - mine is a stock 87 SD cam. Go to to search for rules on F/S. Might try a search here too.
  10. Yes, I'm going to polish the throttle body, and the accessory brackets as well. I was thinking powdercoated black for the accessory brackets, because I didn't want too much polished look and go overboard, but most people seem to agree to polish the accessory brackets? What do you think? I want the oh ****, oh wow effect, but I don't Want what the hell did he do all that for kind of look (you know when someone chromes every damn last piece of their engine compt)

    Problem is, I'm running REAL low on funds now, this intake polishing kinda killed me. The plan is to have the explorer throttle body just modified for now, then in a couple of months, towards the end of the year, I'll pull the throttle body and rest of the stuff back off and have that polished. I'd attempt it myself, but that place powdercoats it clear, and I want that.
  11. I just noticed the freeze plugs are still out of the upper - gonna press those back in?
  12. that kinda upset me a little. Apparently it fell out during the whole sandblast/polishing shebang. I've now gotta look for a freez plug that hopefully doesn't have a bronze color to it.
  13. You should be happy the plug is missing. That shows they likely cleaned the inside very well. No sand in the motor! If they knocked in a new one you would never know how well they cleaned it.

    If they left the bead-blasted plug in there and polished it THAT should upset you.

    Oh yeah, the reason I was posting was to say: Looking awesome! Hope there's time to polish mine before dropping it in.

  14. thanks for the info! I do have an air compressor, and it gave me a good place to blow the intake out. Despite all their caution to tape and block off the upper from sand, some still got in there. Damnit I can't wait to get this thing running.
  15. I buy silver cadmium plated freeze plugs for these intakes all the time.
  16. Is this a standard plug? I want to walk into autozone and get one, is this possible? Is there a "standard" size?? If not autozone, summit?

  17. damn jeremy, youve got some small hands. must make it easy to work on all those little parts. haha, lookin good man
  18. lol, that would be my 17 month old daughter :)
  19. Yeah, it is a standard size. I buy em at autozone as one source.
  20. Jeremy, how about a custom plenum plaque saying "V8 ONLY"? :D