My explorer motor/gt40p buildup and drop into 86gt Vert PICS!!!

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  1. lol, that would be funny eh? I don't know where I could get that done. It would match my license plates too.

    This v8only kind of stuck, but it wasn't the most creative name in the world. I would have changed it, but I chose it way back in the day (486 processor and aol 3.0 days) and have used it so much, I'll never get away from it. Not that I dislike it, it's just strange how a made up name because almost a second name in the online world.
  2. im running BBK shortie headers with my p heads

    90degree boots on MSD wires and to change the #7 plug i cut a slit in a old spark plug socket
  3. this is the best thread ever. I just painted my explorer upper ford blue. I like ur polished one, but I'm too cheap to pay for it, and to lazy to do the work myself. (not to mention i don't have that kind of patience(sp?) Well, i got the lower and e-cam now, just need heads. Keep up the good work v8 only. Also, i have heard that FRPP shorties will work with p heads. But do you still have to pull headers to do plugs? I already have the FRPP shorties, so if you have to modify anything, or pull headers to do plugs, then i'm not going to consider p heads. :SNSign:
  4. so long as they're newer frpp shorties within the last few years, they'll work. that's what I have with my p heads, ford racing ceramic shorties. Newer ford shorties are desgined to work with all ford smallblock heads.

    I may finally get it fired up tomorrow, except that I found a car local that I may pick up for a parts car (my second parts car, I'm getting obsessed) so I may wind up doing that tomorrow. Thanks for the support!!! I'll respond back here when she fires.
  5. That is a nice understatement. :D :hail2:

    For the custom intake plaque, Michael Yount had one made and might have an idea of what kind of shop to ask. A good machine shop should be able to do it I would think. I am too poor for that kind of thing so I dont know.......

    We look forward to hearing it fire. :D

    BTW, you have a Corral PM with comments on the clutch stuff. :p
  6. what did you clean the tranny up with? Looks good!
  7. yeah, i have newer frpp shorties from a year ago. Cool, now i have some options. gt40, gt40p, or thumpers.

    :hail2: this thread
  8. I started grinding on my intake yesterday. That casting is ROUGH. Shouldn't be too bad with air tools.

    Just wondering about that little boss hanging off the plenum in the lower right corner. I want to grind it off real bad. What bolts up there? Was it the dis coil pack? I don't remember.---edit---- I just looked at your 1st pic. Looks like that boss is history.
  9. that little annoying thing is still hanging there. Not sure what it was. Had a little plastic clip going through the hole, maybe it held some wires. Strange thing is, my bro's 96 explorer intake doesn't have it. I told the alum polisher place to hack it off even, but they thought it would look funny if I did. I still think it would have looked better flush, but that's alright, I can take care of it in the future.

    Update. Everything is 100% together, and I tried cranking it up. I've got a big problem somewhere, and I'm nearly certain it's a starter. It cranked a couple of times, then nothing but a big CLICK and smoking batt cables. Too much resistance. Turn the engine manually with a socket, get a scraping sound, then that frees, and spins nicely as many times as I need it to. Only get that noise when I've engaged the starter, so....I think I'm a starter away. Will update fri.
  10. Cool. Good luck with the starter. Get an Ultima from O'Riellys if you have one local, only had one comeback out of 100's and that was because of a bad flywheel from an Autozone starter.

    I have 2 hrs in grinding. My boss is gonna get pissed at the noise before I'm done. That intake is soo pitted it makes me sick. Almost wish I never saw how nice your intake looked so mine could've been painted black. Looks like about $30 worth of surface conditioning discs and buffing wheels should git 'r done. Did they remove ALL the pits on your intake?

    I remembered after seeing your 1st pic...that boss goes to the throttle and cruise cable holder. Not needed on a Fox type setup. I had to grind the grooves into where it was with a cutoff wheel, or it would have looked funny.
  11. that'll be my next tiny project, getting rid of that thing. Yea, the upper is pretty much smooth as glass. I saw that, and realized really how much work was put into it, and VERY glad I didn't try and undertake that myself.

    i've got 2-3 extra oem starters laying around from previous parts cars, I'll just use one of those.
  12. I guess my intake is a cruddy casting. Every time I sand past the pits more appear. Like little air pockets in the casting. They are very small and I've decided to give up and just have it look perfect from 5 ft away. Took 6 hours and $40 worth of materials so $150 is a bargain to polish one.

    Now I'm started on the factory aluminum valve covers. The top was easy but the sides might get painted, or slightly less smooth before the buffing stage.
  13. I took one look at what they did, and how it was before, and I was so glad i didn't do it on my own, and my friend stopped me from that.
  14. I used a cutt off wheel and air tool to take off that little thingy u guys are talking about on the explorer upper. Then i used a 3m buffing wheel to even it out smooth with the intake. After being painted blue i think it looks good. I'll post a pic of it soon.

  15. I'd love to see a pic, thanks.
  16. So did you ever get your car running?
  17. man, I've been slammed.

    This sunday is the magical day, i've got to redo my rr adjustments, then WHOOM. I hope to poss have a digi clip
  18. alright here ya go. Who says explorer uppers are ugly? :nice:

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  19. a few more................


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