My explorer motor/gt40p buildup and drop into 86gt Vert PICS!!!

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  1. funny thing, it was hard to keep the damn cat out of the picture, he kept insisting he sit on top of the intake.
  2. slow5oh, that really looks good. Grinding it off turned out very nice, I still wish they would have done that for me. Good job. Have any final pics of it installed??

    UPDATE: roller rockers have been adjusted. All were slightly off, but not enough to make it run like ass. TPS was bad, putting out 5 volts, or similar to wide open throttle at idle. That would explain my seriously fouled plugs and billows of black rich smoke. That seems to be fixed now, but still running bad. I'm thinking it's the foulded plugs (I hope) next weekend, my pops is coming over and he's gonna drill for the act and coolant passage while the intake is installed. We're going to use an air drill, and a high powered air vaccuum to keep the shavings away from the engine. I''ll swap out the spark plugs tomorrow night. If for some reason that is the problem, I'll update.

    Getting very, very close, but no cigar yet. IT's a turnkey car now, so to speak, just need a lot of tweaking. One thing, it sure sounds a lot throatier and deeper than that old 86 200k longblock I pulled.

    5 minutes run time on brand new autolite 764's. I'm hoping this is the reason now that it's running like ass, as I seem to have fixed the run rich condition, but it's got the same plugs in it, for now


  3. No install pics. I live in an apartment and wont have enough money to rent a house for another couple of months. (christmas costs money). And i dont want to tear my stang apart at my apartment, id rather wait till i have a nice clean garage. Besides i still need heads, rr's, maf, gaskets, and radiator.
    I figured i'd stockpile the parts while i was waiting.
  4. thanks to the folks at foureyedpride, I found my map sensor to be unplugged, no vaccuum. I plugged it in, and proceeded to fill the entire house with fumes and carbon monoxide.

    Lol, what a damn project. Def this car is a crash course in eec4 and ford fuel injection setups for me. Now I'm barred from starting it in the garage, so I've got to put my suspension back together so I can pull it out into the driveway to continue working on the engine
  5. A pic of my almost finished project (no intake cover now). It's designed to look stock yet carry a pretty mean punch. Specs in sig. Never been to the track or dyno. I only see it about once a year, but man does it ever get wrung out when I do.

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  6. can't use corral to link your pic. it won't show.
  7. Fixed. Not all intakes have to be painted or polished. I actually bought this one new out of the original Ford packaging on Ebay. It was a bit expensive, but it has that sleeper look I love. BTW, the ear on the intake was for a throttle cable mount I think. I just left it.
  8. jwzg - do you have pedistal or stud rockers?
  9. only prob is needing new headers to clear the revised spark plug placement
  10. They are pedistal type (factory Cobra). I used the covers off an SVO crate engine to clear them since the cast aluminum covers wouldn't.
  11. A lot of people have used 90 deg. boots and a short plug to make standard headers fit. I just bought the FRPP pieces and let it be. Your money and/or time.
  12. im looking at a explorer motor think its 97 its longblock and intake no pan with 70K on it for $600 is this a good deal. it would go in my 93 gt.
  13. that's ok, as you're not gonna use the pan anyhow. As long as the upper/lower intake and heads are there, that's what counts. Look it over as best you can, maybe take a look at the plugs to see how they were firing. Other than that, sounds like a great deal.