1. I dropped a flexplate on the tip of my left middle finger from 2 feet. The bone is cracked, I have a 1/2" gash, a smaller hole, and I bled under my fingernail. I drilled a 1/16" hole in my nail to relieve the pressure. I also had to get stitches to close the gash. The local didn't take effect, so I felt every stitch. Keep track of your body parts when working with gravity and heavy objects. You have to be tough if you're gonna be stupid.
  2. I'm allergic to gravity. :(
  3. Yeah, it doesn't like me either.
  4. Flexplate or flywheel? Unless your flexplate is a hella heavier thant he one I took off when I ditched my C4 (anyone want a C4? I've got one for sale!) I can't see how you got hurt that badly. The flexplate I took off I could have picked up slung in the air a couple time sand caught with any one of my fingers or toes.
  5. didnt anyone tell you that it is not safe to drop flexplates or flywheels on your fingers? if not then we need a safety meeting here people.:rlaugh:
  6. Please stop you sound like my civilian boss.
  7. Nice.

    Gravity usually does not bother me. Its the end result that I have problems with.
  8. Lately gravity seems to hate me too (I'm looking for a doctor to see me about my ankle tomorrow, btw).

    We once dropped the rearend (with axle) from a 65 Dodge Monaco on my brother's foot. Cracked two of his toes.

  9. That starter ring is sharp and narrow if you'll all recall. On top of that, fingers are soft compared to steel. A flywheel probably would have taken the end right off. I didnt do anyhing that bad, but I few days ago I burned my hand from a propane flashover.
  10. One of our more delightfully confused residents was found lying on the floor next to her bed the other night. When I got down to check her out for injuries and asked her what she was doing there, she said,"I'm afraid." To which of course I asked,"What are you afraid of?".....
    "That I'm going to fall off of the floor!"
  11. i was gonna say, when doing mine all it did was shift on the crank bolts and gashed my finger pretty good, if it had fallen on it, i see plainly that it woulda cut my finger straight off.

  12. :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :owned: :owned:
  13. I'd really like to see some of these flexplates - seriously! The one I had I can't see doing anything more than a temporary indentation in the skin.
  14. Well, maybe you should conduct a test. Entirely at your own risk, hold a flexplate with the bottom a measured 24" off a hard surface and drop it ring-gear edge directly on the end of one of your fingers. Consider it an experiment for the good of Stangnet :D.
  15. If it looks anything like the one I had, sure.
  16. hahaha i concur......skywalker are you possible thinking of something other than the flexplate? cuz it weighs alot to for just being a disc....heres a picture of one that looks like mine that tried to take my finger off

  17. Sounds like you got pretty lucky to still have a finger...

    But I believe the quote is "If you're gonna be dumb, you gotta be tough."--Roger Allan Wade.

  18. No, I am thinking of a flexplate. I took one off when I did my T5 conversion.

    The one I took off weighed next to nothing. The one in the picture flat out looks heavier than the one I took off. :shrug:
  19. Skin and bone will yield to concrete and steel every time. Had it been a flywheel, I would no longer have the tip of my finger. I helped a friend remove his FW from his IH Scout. I work out every day and I'm pretty strong, but that thing took me straight to the concrete. I could only guide it to the impact site while keeping my digits out of the way. I wondered then what it would feel like to have a large, toothed, metal wheel crash down upon a finger. Well, it hurts. Let this be a safety lesson to those here that are accident proned. Don't drop flexplates on your fingers.