1. Not in bipedal A&P.....Anterior is front, Posterior is back, Superior is towards the head and Inferior towards the feet. Proximal is closer to mid-line and Distal is further from mid-line
  2. No, I'm not. I'm thinking of the piece that bolts to the crankshaft and torque converter and has little teeth on it.
  3. :doh: That's what I get for majoring in biology and not nursing.

  4. Oh, nononononononooooooo..... I did not pull his finger! Waaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy too smart for that!

    And I sure as he!! wasn't pulling that!

    Sheese! I ain't touchin' nothin'!!!!

    And for the originator of this thread: "If it hurts; you are definitely doing it wrong!" :lol:
  5. is that what your wife tells you?

  6. Whoa Whoa Whoa. Let's be straight now, I avoid all tails...far to easy to mistake for other pieces of anatomy that I wish to avoid.
  7. No but your GF says that she says it to you all the time.

  8. want to know something scarey?

    I play a fireman in my spare time.
  9. you mean the g/f I dont have?
  10. WEll geez, you're not helping your case here...*sarcasm*
  11. hahahaha, actually, i havent asked "my girl" to be my "girlfriend" :p
  12. if she's your girl...isn't that essentially what she is?
  13. Nope she might be saying a lot of things I don't quite comprehend; but I've never heard her say that when we're alone.

    On that "things she says (or screams) that I don't quite comprehend" part..... what's a "Magnificent Pagan God"? I don't get it, I'm an Irish Catholic, not a Pagan. :scratch: :shrug:
  14. There are somethings that should not be repeated.
  15. shes prolly crying out to the pagan gods for you to grow a lil
  16. Just damn.
  17. lol, habit from being in the dorms, we are always saying stuff like that about each other
  18. Me too!

    Ain't it fun!:crazy:
  19. No, what they are saying is GROW UP!.....whole different connotation! :nonono:
  20. I've never lived in Tech's dorms but...brracks life isn't much different.