My First Classic (68 Coupe)

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  1. i am in the works of acquiring a 1968 mustang coupe from my friends dad. its a 68 coupe that runs and drives, but doesnt stop (needs brake work). definitely a fixer upper but not in bad shape. rockers show signs of rot but the previous owner took care of it already somehow. the metal is rock solid despite being eroded away from the rot showing through. has a non-matching 302, 9 in rear end (not sure if posi or open), 69 bucket seats, premium door panels (black cars with silver inlays), and a 3 speed manual with a hurst shifter.

    i was told that the car originally had a 302 from the factory, and a bench seat with the 3 speed manual. the current owner has the bench seat and im looking at getting that as well to see if i want to go with the buckets, bench, or modern buckets.

    i am not a fan of the wheels that are currently on it, but i am curious to know what they came from if anyone has any ideas.

    here are some pictures.
    photo 1.JPG
    photo 2.JPG

    paying $2000 for it, but knocking the price down by doing work on some of his vehicles.
  2. Looks like a really decent starting point. If you can get the original bench seat, I think it would be neat to go with that. They are fairly uncommon.

    Those wheels have got to go. LOL... They are not from anything specific and are aftermarket low rider junk.
  3. yeah, those wheels are definitely something else. i want to get rid of them for something much more fashionable like a nice 5 spoke or something. i am looking to cut a deal for the bench, but he wants to get at least 350 for it and it needs to be reupholstered. luckily my uncle has been doing upholstery for an uncountable amount of years.

    as for the low rider junk, they are actually pretty decent quality. they are not bolt on, they are spin on hubs, but need to go.