My First Fox. 86 Gt Vert

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  1. Been searching for the past month or two months. I have a few questions, first being the rear end. It's an auto and the last 4-way intersection before the storage unit I though to have a little fun. I expected a one legger but both broke lose.... was rather satisfied when it shifted into 2nd and broke lose again a little. :) I was wondering what gearing the auto's had stock, the previous owner said they were original gearing and not changed, also if they were posi or not? Unfortunately it has some generic CD player and I was wondering if anyone knew where you could buy new classic ones or if they made older "style" radios with modern conveniences like auxiliary ports.

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  2. check the tag on the rear end cover but most likely it is a 3.08 year. Other option is 2.73. Tell us what rpm you are at when at 60 mph and what size tires and we can tell you the gear.

    For the radio, that's not my stroing point buy you can find stock units all over the place cheap. I don't know of anyone that makes a stock unit with USB/bluetooth ports.
  3. Couldn't locate the tag in the darker storage unit but the tires are 15's. At 70mph I was around 2000 rpm, 60mph was around 15 or 1600rpm. Did these come with limited slip? I always thought they were one leggers.

    Also found what I was looking for at RetroSoundUSA, that's if I think it's worth while putting two speakers, an amp and stereo in the car.
  4. Pretty sure you have 3.08's.

    Tire height--- assuming 26"
    RPM 2000
    speed 70mph
    Final drive with T5 .74

    Yes, they are positraction from the factory. If you have a one leg peel, then the posi unit is most likely worn.
  5. Sweet, thanks for the help. I didn't realize they came with posi and thought I had just gotten lucky with spinning both.
  6. Pretty decent looking 86 you got there.

    Thanks for serving our country. :flag: